How Finding Your Purpose Can Make You Happy

How Finding Your Purpose Can Make You Happy

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“The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others. “ – Dr. Albert Schweitzer

Think about the above quote for a minute. Finding your purpose becomes a lot easier when you think about it in these terms. What skills and traits do you have that could help others? How could you build your life, your job, or your business around those skills?

But what does all that have to do with making you happy? Taking the time to figure out how you can help others and then doing just that is a powerful thing. We are social creatures and hardwired to help our community. When we make it a daily goal to be of service, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience.

Yes, part of it is because we’ll be thanked or recognized for what we’re doing, but that’s only a small part of it. Doing good will make you happy even when no one else knows about it. There’s an internal reward built into all the goodness. We feel good about ourselves. Our self-worth grows and with it our self-esteem.

Not enough to convince you?

When you think about helping others this way; what would make you feel better?

Going about your day shuffling papers, answering the phone and putting in the time required at your desk without much to show for at the end of the day? Or would you feel more fulfilled and happier if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you made a difference in someone’s life today?

What if that paperwork you did help a family find a better place to live? How about if those calls you made ensured that a little girl doesn’t go to bed hungry tonight. What if that class you taught helps a young mom stay home with her baby and still contribute to the family income?

How would you feel if you found your purpose – whatever it may be – and made a real difference in someone’s life with what you do? Wouldn’t that give you a sense of accomplishment? I bet you’d love that feeling of happiness.

Spend a little time to figure out what you can do to help those around you. Think about what you could do to serve others and make a difference in their lives. In other words, spend a little time figuring out what your purpose in life is and how it can impact the people whose lives you touch – be it in person, through a book or via online. That’s the beauty of our modern era. We can reach and make a difference in the lives of people across the globe from the comfort of our home.

Stop making excuses and find your purpose, and with it your happiness.

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