Hotel Rooms, Ted And Will!

Hotel Rooms, Ted And Will!

I cannot believe how tired I am. Seriously. I’m so tired that I could sleep for 48 hours easy. My dream travels are really kicking my butt. I’m back to the hotel dreams. Remember I had those before my divorce? Well this signals another major change on the horizon. Last time the hotel rooms were crowed, small and in disarray. Now they are large suites, plush, with all the trimmings. I’m hoping this means my very long phase of being broke is over. I could use the shift – as I’m sure many of you could use as well.

The dreams too for the last couple of nights, I would wake up and it would still feel like was floating about in the dreamscape. I don’t know how to describe it really – I would wake up, but it didn’t feel like I woke up. Almost like waking up in dream that was still a dream. But I could see what was going on in my room in real time.

BT was received well by my manager’s boss. I had some minor things to change but that was it. Now it’s off to make its rounds in Tinsel Town. Fingers crossed. No new words on Dreamers or GG as of now. Again – sometimes no news is good news.

I’m going to be kicking the OBE sex book into high gear this weekend. I’ve cleared the whole weekend to work on that and my yard. My yard has some serious leaves on it. I’m looking foreword to jumping in to the OBE book – my guide Robert is very eager to see that it is done. He has been hanging out lately throwing “Obe” in my face (so to speak) so that I get with the program. He and Ethan are very happy that the BT is done. In fact, Ethan let out a side of relief. I asked him if he’ll be around more often and he said – no. But he’s always near by if I want to chat.

So I asked Andrew, since he mentioned that having BT done would help things along with Vincent – has anything changed. His reply was that things are moving behind the scenes. If Vincent would wake up to the signs that are right in front of his face and now wait for a nuclear meltdown to realize what was going on – things would move faster. But it seems that he is a stubborn soul (gee – what a surprise) but he will come around . Just like with Will – you (as in me) will be put in front of them until they do something about it – even if it’s friendship or a business partnership. Something will have to be done. But – Andrew says – in Vincent case, he won’t be able to rest until a romantic relationship ensues between the two of us.

My only reply was – ok, just wanted to know if things were moving. I guess they are:)

Will surprised me today – I wrote about it in the OBE blog. It was nice to feel his energy so close again.

Ted’s back –I can feel him. I’m sure something will come of this over the next couple of days. I sure hope he ditched that bitch of a wife. I don’t say something normally so horrible about a person I haven’t physically met – but her energy is heavy and just pure yuck. I hope he actually visits soon.

Better get back to work!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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