Hot Hands, Healing and an Urgency!

Hot Hands, Healing and an Urgency!

The blog was not on my “To Do” list today – far too much other stuff to do. Yet here I am. Why? That darn voice from somewhere is telling me to write anyways. A word or two that I write could help another. Since this voice hasn’t let up – I decided to cave.

My walk this morning was pretty uneventful. That is until I started to think about my cousin with cancer. At 42 he has throat cancer (never smoked, never chewed) and it was discovered yesterday that he now has it in his lungs. As soon as my thoughts turned to him, I could sense the presence of Archangel Michael and Gabriel with me. I said “Hi” they said hi back. My thoughts returned to the cancer and I could feel my hands getting very hot. In fact, as I’m typing this, they are hot once more. Anytime I think about a sickness or healing – my hands burn with such an intense heat, it’s rather scary. But – my hands do not turn red at all – like they would if my blood pressure was up.

As I walked I could feel the energy coming out of my hands, traveling through the universe, and entering him. I couldn’t do this for long because I kept tripping over my own feet:) When I send the healing – my full concentrating is not on where I’m walking! I can hear his father (he died 20 years ago) begging me to help his son. I’m going to send more energy today to him in hope that I can help from here.

I know that I will have to physically go to him at some point in time and try to convince him to let me help. But since he is dying and has a 13 year old son (he’s a single parent) I may be able to talk him into it. Part of me – actually a good chunk – is scared to do this. Too many “What If’s”. What if I fail? What if I succeed? Yadda Yadda. I need to buck up and quit worrying about the things I can’t control. After all – it’s not my healing energy at work – but the Divine’s . I’m just the messenger.

Bill is back front and center. In fact, I caught a glimpse of him about 6:30 am this morning, standing in the doorway of my office. It’s a quick glance and then he’s gone. I sure wish he’d stay longer. Ted is front and center as well. There is an urgency with both Ted and Bill right now, like a really strong urgency, longing, and each are pursuing filling, finding, searching, and I want to say that there is conscious connection between the two of them where I am concerned…..or it is coming….

Either way – the tides are changing…

Until Tomorrow!

Crystal Sunshine!

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