Come Home Spell

Come Home Spell

Are you missing someone near and dear to your heart? It could be an ex spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend and even a family such as a sibling or child. What is important is that you love them and you want them to come home to you.

1) Get a quart-size zipper lock bag.

2) In that bag place a picture of the person want to come home looking happy. They MUST BE happy – nice smile on their face.

3) In the bag place a lock of your hair and a couple pinches of orris root or powdered sugar.

4) Bury the picture bag closest to the door that is used most to enter and exit your home. It doesn’t have to be directly under the front or back stoop – but as close as you can get it. No yard? Bury it in a potted plant and put that plant on your stoop.

Every 3 months (if they are not back) add to the bag: new happy picture, lock of hair, pinch of herbs. Once they DO arrive – DON’T dig it up. Leave it there unless you move. If you must dig it up for any reason – burn the contents and throw the bag away.

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