Wow – wow – fricken wow!! I had the most AMAZING experience will Will this morning while I was in the shower. I had to talk to Tracey ASAP — just to make sure I wasn’t nuts. My energy is different now., I feel alive — and excited -not sexually, but excited to be alive. I can’t stop smiling….

Below is our convo:

Allie (11/13/2007 11:20:21 AM): Thanks for fitting me in at such a short notice

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:20:27 AM): Anytime

Allie (11/13/2007 11:20:39 AM): but what happened today just wow – throw my ass into a loop

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:20:52 AM): oh boy

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:20:53 AM): what happened

Allie (11/13/2007 11:21:37 AM): I was in the shower, minding own biz I was going to do my energy exercises when I felt Will’s presence. He told me to wait a min from the energy ex and I said sure

Allie (11/13/2007 11:22:13 AM): The next thing I knew we were telepathically connect (like normal) but this was really – really strong, like he was testing out a theory

Allie (11/13/2007 11:22:59 AM): I opened (this is in the connection now) my front door and there he was – smiling. I couldn’t believe he was there and I touched his face – he was crying. I hugged him when I realized he was real and invited him in

Allie (11/13/2007 11:23:12 AM): I commented that I didn’t shave my legs and he laughed

Allie (11/13/2007 11:23:18 AM): how bad is it? he asked

Allie (11/13/2007 11:23:31 AM): I showed him and he laughed again. I said – yeah, I need to take care of this

Allie (11/13/2007 11:23:49 AM): so he went into my office and looked around – loved the books I have – he has most of the same

Allie (11/13/2007 11:24:09 AM): I’m in the shower shaving and he is in the bathroom talking to me through the curtain

Allie (11/13/2007 11:24:16 AM): he said that he should just come in

Allie (11/13/2007 11:24:26 AM): and I told him if he did we’re staying in here

Allie (11/13/2007 11:24:34 AM): so he took the book and went into my bed room

Allie (11/13/2007 11:24:50 AM): I finished the shower, just wrapped my towel around me and I went in

Allie (11/13/2007 11:25:20 AM): He kissed me – so soft and full of passion. I normally feel him

when he does this — but I could have sworn that he was really right here

Allie (11/13/2007 11:25:26 AM): that I could reach out and touch him

Allie (11/13/2007 11:25:36 AM): my lips responded as if he actually was here

Allie (11/13/2007 11:25:59 AM): and I found myself kissing air (I was still in the shower physically – BTW)

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:26:45 AM): lol

Allie (11/13/2007 11:26:47 AM): he ripped up my towel and we were both on my be. I really can’t put this into words, but I felt his hands, mouth all over my body and my physical body (in the shower) was on fire

Allie (11/13/2007 11:27:08 AM): my physical body had an energy shooting threw it that I never had before – ever

Allie (11/13/2007 11:27:49 AM): you know when you are actually having sex with someone and noises slip out (if you are having any fun) because you can’t help it? well that was me in the shower

Allie (11/13/2007 11:27:59 AM): it was like I was there – but I wasn’t there

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:28:10 AM): Amazing!

Allie (11/13/2007 11:28:33 AM): and at the end — it was really the end and my body responded but the energy that zipped through me was the most amazing feeling

Allie (11/13/2007 11:28:44 AM): I felt like a firecracker

Allie (11/13/2007 11:28:51 AM): a very white light one

Allie (11/13/2007 11:29:00 AM): and he told me that he’s coming to get me

Allie (11/13/2007 11:29:04 AM): get me in a good way’

Allie (11/13/2007 11:29:17 AM): and he wanted me to repeat my address to him over and over again

Allie (11/13/2007 11:29:29 AM): he told me that the scene we just had was how it was going to be when he showed up

Allie (11/13/2007 11:29:40 AM): I asked him to give me a date – so that I can shave

Allie (11/13/2007 11:29:43 AM): he said no

Allie (11/13/2007 11:30:08 AM): then I could feel his energy body – soul merge in my body – I could feel the man in there -inside

Allie (11/13/2007 11:30:18 AM): he’s like – so this is what it’s like to be really inside of you
Allie (11/13/2007 11:30:19 AM): lol

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:30:25 AM): lol

Allie (11/13/2007 11:30:42 AM): and I did my energy work – he did it with me and I could feel our combined energies getting stronger

Allie (11/13/2007 11:30:53 AM): and he said again – I’m coming for you

Allie (11/13/2007 11:31:03 AM): he repeated my address back I don’t know how many times

Allie (11/13/2007 11:31:17 AM): and my body now — still feels as tingly as before

Allie (11/13/2007 11:31:20 AM): I feel so alive

Allie (11/13/2007 11:31:28 AM): that is the only way to describe it

Allie (11/13/2007 11:31:38 AM): please tell me that he was conscious of this as well

Allie (11/13/2007 11:31:52 AM): after this I’ll tell you what my son said

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:31:58 AM): I get a definite yes to that

Allie (11/13/2007 11:33:26 AM): I’ve never felt so alive and excited – not sexually excited – but excited about life.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:33:57 AM): I get his ability to open to you and communicate with you is completely wide open and clear. He can hear and see with clarity and is very aware of your oneness. I get that he has been meditating and working on his ability to clear his mind and clearly see – and hear and has been doing some exercises and has gotten some type of energy clearing or cleansing. It was believed that there was a block and now he is completely spiritually open and able to tune in on all levels!

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:34:23 AM): The connection between you is deeper – he feels this too – he could feel all the sensations as if he were there.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:34:31 AM): He has the address.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:34:48 AM): He has it and do not be surprised if he shows up because I got ‘homecoming’

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:34:56 AM): He is ready for the homecoming.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:35:19 AM): He feels love, compassion, appreciation – sees you as a potential lover, companion and friend.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:35:33 AM): He feels very alive right now – sex energizes him.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:35:41 AM): He is feeling peaceful.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:36:04 AM): He has profound and intense feelings, sensations – he is referring to this as after shocks and he smiles.

Allie (11/13/2007 11:36:16 AM): yeah — I can understand that

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:36:23 AM): He did experience this on a core level.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:36:46 AM): And – I am getting something about him receiving insight or information about the two of you in a past life.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:37:02 AM): In this past life you were separated due to different races. This was very painful.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:37:25 AM): He will not let you be separated in this life just because you travel in different social circles if you will.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:37:37 AM): He will make contact with you and he is likely to just show up.

Allie (11/13/2007 11:38:00 AM): I can’t stop smiling — it’s the strangest thing. My tummy has butterflies

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:38:04 AM): He is ready and he hopes you are ready so shave your legs and keep them shaved.

Allie (11/13/2007 11:38:11 AM): lol

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:38:11 AM): HE is smiling too

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:38:19 AM): yeah – be ready

Allie (11/13/2007
11:38:23 AM): yeah — they need shaved — will do

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:38:31 AM): he won’t wait for you to shave them though

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:38:37 AM): so either way

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:38:40 AM): it does not matter

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:38:52 AM): its like he will not care

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:39:02 AM): about your legs being unshaven

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:39:12 AM): he thinks so what

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:39:21 AM): he does not want to hump your legs

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:39:22 AM): lol

Allie (11/13/2007 11:39:24 AM): lol

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:39:26 AM): he’s kinda funny

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:39:34 AM): has a sense of humor

Allie (11/13/2007 11:39:37 AM): yes he does

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:39:51 AM): he seems to be feeling pretty chipper now

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:39:54 AM): feisty

Allie (11/13/2007 11:40:09 AM): his strong energy has gotten to my son too. He said the other day out of the blue that Will is coming and that he needs to clean his room

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:40:30 AM): no way! that child is so psychic!

Allie (11/13/2007 11:40:31 AM): then – that Will and I will get married and he’ll have a baby sister

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:40:35 AM): sooo sensitive

Allie (11/13/2007 11:40:37 AM): I asked about Bill

Allie (11/13/2007 11:40:42 AM): he said after Will dies

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:40:46 AM): oh

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:40:48 AM): wow

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:40:51 AM): so intuitive

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:41:12 AM): Will is doing a spiritual workshop – going to one.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:41:18 AM): He is having a lot of dreams.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:41:30 AM): He is seeing scenes in his mind – like a movie.

Allie (11/13/2007 11:41:48 AM): he is — I’ve had the thought for weeks now about Will and I being together and one of the things is how the soul survives. We’re going to show the world that he will come back for me – in a spiritual sense.

Allie (11/13/2007 11:42:06 AM): he gets cancer – but it’s a blood clot that kills him

Allie (11/13/2007 11:42:20 AM): he knows it’s coming and Bill is there too

Allie (11/13/2007 11:42:29 AM): it’s like he hands me off to Bill

Allie (11/13/2007 11:42:31 AM): so to speak

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:42:33 AM): In one of them he sees himself riding bareback on a brown horse with his head down like he is injured after a battle and realizes that he got shot by a white man – he is an Indian in the dream but knows its him. this place where he is shot is the cancer area.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:42:51 AM): or clot

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:42:53 AM): rather

Allie (11/13/2007 11:43:08 AM): wow

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:43:11 AM): I sense that he is taking some type of advanced courses spiritually.

Allie (11/13/2007 11:43:22 AM): he has to be in order to push forward

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:43:24 AM): Its like he gets some personalized attention.

Allie (11/13/2007 11:43:35 AM): he’s in new Orleans right now – so maybe he is seeing someone there too

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:43:47 AM): In this class – and its about telepathic communication and also past lives.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:43:53 AM): Awesome.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:44:06 AM): He is going to get some more healing too.

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:44:16 AM): and you are right

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:44:20 AM): its at his current location

Allie (11/13/2007 11:44:33 AM): are you still seeing him showing up after the 1st? Or do you think it could be sooner?

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:44:39 AM): they will help him physically, mentally, emotionally and with spiritual issues…….

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:44:52 AM): after the 1st – sooner is a problem

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:44:57 AM): he can’t before then

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:44:59 AM): or he would

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:45:07 AM): today would not be quick enough

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:45:21 AM): when he gets his one on one sessions

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:45:23 AM): look out

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:45:35 AM): because he will connect on an even deeper level

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:45:44 AM): and the passion will be like an animal

Allie (11/13/2007 11:45:49 AM): wow — and this one threw me

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:45:54 AM): he wants more

Allie (11/13/2007 11:45:58 AM): so do I

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:45:59 AM): now he really wants you

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:46:15 AM): so his longings will increase – his need – very strong!

Allie (11/13/2007 11:46:30 AM): too bad I can’t fast forward to the 1st

Allie (11/13/2007 11:47:13 AM): he’s a very intense person

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:47:16 AM): lol

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:47:28 AM): well – he is up to the challenge

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:47:30 AM): so look out

Allie (11/13/2007 11:47:33 AM): amen – so am I

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:47:43 AM): he will be spiritualized by then

Allie (11/13/2007 11:47:44 AM): what can you see of our relationship?

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:47:48 AM): the energy will be hyped

Allie (11/13/2007 11:48:00 AM): I know that it will not be an easy one – but ones with lessons usually aren’t

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:48:05 AM): well – I like, your son do see a little girl

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:48:14 AM): and surprisingly blonde

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:48:18 AM): beautiful

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:48:23 AM): but your eyes

Allie (11/13/2007 11:48:25 AM): he’s blond — and he has no kids, that I know of

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:48:33 AM): and she’s lovely

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:48:37 AM): smart

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:48:42 AM): very psychic

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:48:49 AM): surprise surprise

Allie (11/13/2007 11:48:53 AM): lol

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:48:56 AM): and I do see you two fighting a lot

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:48:59 AM): you and the daughter

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:49:02 AM): in later years

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:49:08 AM): teens

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:49:10 AM): ugh

Allie (11/13/2007 11:49:10 AM): just great

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:49:16 AM): she’s hard headed

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:49:19 AM): strong willed

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:49:36 AM): not like your sweet boy

Allie (11/13/2007 11:49:41 AM): as long as her and my son take care of one another, that’s all that matters

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:49:45 AM): she is full of drama at times

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:49:54 AM): yes, she and he get along great

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:49:56 AM): perfectly

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:50:02 AM): she is like you and her father

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:50:10 AM): she can write, direct and act

Allie (11/13/2007 11:50:16 AM): wow — too cool

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:50:16 AM): so she is really something

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:50:20 AM): and sing

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:50:23 AM): dance

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:50:26 AM): beautiful

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:50:28 AM): anyway

Allie (11/13/2007 11:50:30 AM): wow — too cool

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:50:32 AM): moving to you and will

Allie (11/13/2007 11:50:34 AM): any idea when?

Allie (11/13/2007 11:50:39 AM): she will come about

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:50:47 AM): I sense some arguments btw you two too

Allie (11/13/2007 11:50:53 AM):
Will’s 53 now

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:50:55 AM): she will come soon after you and will connect

Allie (11/13/2007 11:51:00 AM): okay

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:51:05 AM): its like uh-oh

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:51:08 AM): oops!

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:51:11 AM): surprise!

Allie (11/13/2007 11:51:13 AM): will he be happy?

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:51:19 AM): fertile myrtle

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:51:23 AM): yes he will

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:51:30 AM): he will be surprised

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:51:36 AM): but happy

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:51:41 AM): I sense a marriage

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:51:54 AM): and the two of you have serious sex issues

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:51:57 AM): lots of sex

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:52:10 AM): and I see you with him at black tie events

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:52:15 AM): does he go to a lot of them

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:52:22 AM): I keep seeing you in diff dresses

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:52:25 AM): and him in tuxedos

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:52:28 AM): and limos

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:52:35 AM): its awards

Allie (11/13/2007 11:52:42 AM): sweet

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:52:44 AM): you two are going to work together

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:52:48 AM): and get awards

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:52:51 AM): this is good

Allie (11/13/2007 11:52:53 AM): super sweet

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:52:53 AM): success

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:53:03 AM): and I see him wanting to disappear

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:53:06 AM): just the four of you

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:53:10 AM): all the time

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:53:17 AM): lets get away

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:53:19 AM): just us

Allie (11/13/2007 11:53:34 AM): but I’m too busy right? and this causes friction?

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:53:37 AM): kids learning – education may be different than you expect

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:53:48 AM): a little yes

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:54:00 AM): but you learn to adjust and move around a lot

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:54:08 AM): I see you travelling a lot

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:54:17 AM): planes, trains and autos – lol

Allie (11/13/2007 11:54:21 AM): lol

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:54:24 AM): you are moving all the time

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:54:30 AM): its good though

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:54:33 AM): you love it

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:54:42 AM): and have a very sophisticated look

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:54:45 AM): about you

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:54:51 AM): and you have help

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:54:54 AM): will is helpful

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:00 AM): believe it or not

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:02 AM): he is

Allie (11/13/2007 11:55:04 AM): a helpful man – imagine that

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:05 AM): he will help you

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:11 AM): he’s capable

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:13 AM): and strong

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:16 AM): and really kind

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:17 AM): loving

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:20 AM): good dad

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:22 AM): loves your son

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:24 AM): hates your ex

Allie (11/13/2007 11:55:28 AM): good man

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:29 AM): thinks he’s a piece of shit

Allie (11/13/2007 11:55:35 AM): well…

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:37 AM): its like

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:40 AM): yeah you can see him

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:44 AM): come to London asshole

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:48 AM): anytime

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:55:55 AM): you know

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:56:02 AM): its like will does not want to cooperate with him

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:56:07 AM): but he acts so nice

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:56:16 AM): he feels like money talks

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:56:25 AM): like well look

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:56:30 AM): since you can’t come

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:56:35 AM): I will send you a little money

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:56:45 AM): and its like he buys him away

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:56:48 AM): if that makes sense

Allie (11/13/2007 11:56:53 AM): it makes sense

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:57:05 AM): he just wants your son to be happy

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:57:08 AM): and normal

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:57:13 AM): he’s protective

Allie (11/13/2007 11:57:17 AM): how do we do it with me in Wooster and him in CA in 2008?

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:57:17 AM): your son is sensitive

Allie (11/13/2007 11:57:22 AM): yes, he is very sensitive

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:57:30 AM): you will do it

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:57:33 AM): on the airplane

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:57:37 AM): and in the car

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:57:39 AM): elevators

Allie (11/13/2007 11:57:45 AM): lol

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:57:45 AM): lol -sex

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:57:47 AM): you two

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:57:48 AM): gosh

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:57:50 AM): no shame

Allie (11/13/2007 11:57:51 AM): I meant the relationship – not sex

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:57:54 AM): I know

Allie (11/13/2007 11:57:55 AM): lolololo

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:58:01 AM): just thought you might like that update

Allie (11/13/2007 11:58:05 AM): love it

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:58:08 AM): its just back and forth

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:58:17 AM): lots of back and forth

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:58:21 AM): effort – work

Allie (11/13/2007 11:58:24 AM): do we finally live in the same house?

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:58:24 AM): a little difficult

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:58:35 AM): yes eventually

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:58:41 AM): and basically you do

Allie (11/13/2007 11:58:42 AM): I would hope if I have his girl

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:58:49 AM): yes

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:59:07 AM): well Allie lots of exciting things for you!

Allie (11/13/2007 11:59:09 AM): did you ever think you and I would talk about me with someone before Bill? I know I never thought so

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:59:13 AM): wowwwwiiiieeee

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:59:15 AM): no

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:59:17 AM): I did not

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:59:21 AM): actually

Allie (11/13/2007 11:59:27 AM): Will blindsided us

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:59:36 AM): but will is awesome

yecart68 (11/13/2007 11:59:40 AM): his energy is awesome

Now, I JUST talked to my sister and guess we’re she’s going tomorrow? New Orleans! She’s only there a day for some fun and drinking on Bourbon St. So Will, since I know you read this blog, I’ll post what bar she’ll probably be at Wed night.

It’s like a have a pop rocks factory inside my body and it’s all going off at once. Too weird:)

Back to work!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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