High Heels, A Mysterious Stranger And Dreams!

High Heels, A Mysterious Stranger And Dreams!

Bummer deal — for those of you who were waiting for me to post something about my chat on Psychic On Air, it never happened. They didn’t call – which means that either others ran over their time or they didn’t need anyone to fill in for anything. I’ll let you know when I’ll have some scheduled time on the Maria Shaw Show:)

Dreams – continue to be a bit on the funky side. There’s a guy that keeps showing up that I “know” but for the life of me I can’t figure out who he is. He’s taller and younger (I think) than me. Blue eyes – dark hair, scruffy on his face. It’s not Sawyer (damn) or Matt. No matter what dream visit I was a part of – he popped in a some point. Most times not interfering with what was going on in the dream visit – but being involved in the visit on the outskirts. We would always briefly look at one another – he’d smile and then he’d be gone until the next dream visit. This will bug me until I can figure it out. It’s almost as if he’s taunting me to figure out who he is. I’m game.

In one dream visit – we did have a very short conversation. I was walking up these steps to a very nice bathroom – he cut me off and walked in ahead of me. In his hands he had some women’s clothes. I asked — washing clothes again? He responded with a devilish smile – they keep throwing them at me. What can I say? I turned around and sat down on the stairs to wait for him to get out of the bathroom. He sits on the step above me – behind me – puts his arms under mine, lifts me up the stair so that I’m sitting in between his legs – facing the same way he is. He pulled me back so that my back side was pushing into his crotch. Then he whispered – you’re very naughty. I laugh and responded – isn’t that the truth.

Next thing I know he handed me a dress and high heels. Now a dress I MAY do in the physical reality – but heels? Not a chance in hell. I grab the stuff and ran off with him shouting – change here! I ran down a path laid of large round gray stones with some etching on them. I got to a point where someone was working in the path – he looked up and it was Dan. I ran behind him and we chatted while I changed clothes — and into a short black dress. I put the heels on and I remembered I felt nervous about taking a step – but I walked just fine. Dan was gone – but where he was at was now a bridge made of a very fine black cloth. I knew that I had to walk over it to make it back. But my thought was in heels – they are going to rip this and I’ll get stuck or fall through. Much to my surprise, I walked right over it without even a slight rip in the fabric.

I was running up these marble steps and into this kick butt marble foyer with a circular staircase from the second floor. There were a group of people there – two were my sisters, another was Elliot, and I’m showing off that I have heels on — they were just as shocked as I was. When they looked at the heels – they saw a high thin heel. When I looked at it – I saw a a high heel – but it wasn’t lean and thin like a regular heel – this heel was very wide and sturdy. But what they saw and what I saw were two separate things.

Then my alarm went off and I really had to go to the bathroom!

This situation with me not getting who this guy is bugs me. I know that smile of his — it is a lot like Ted’s but it’s not Ted. SIGH. Well like everything else that comes my way eventually I’ll figure it out:)

My appointment with my sons school yesterday — now that deserve a BIG SIGH. His teacher is sweet – and I know she really cares what’s going on. But the other 3 (principal, school counselor and school nurse) not so sure. My son is a very emotional person – he expresses himself and if he is feeling happy – loves to hug and to be hugged. Well hugging is called inappropriate behavior or touching in an inapropriate manner. Then I get that he and another boy rubbed against each other in a homosexual manner. For @#$%^Y sake! Plus he shrieks out in class and makes noises to disturb other kids. Long story short – I have to take him to see a shrink if I want him to stay in school. So luckily I’m taking him to the guy I went to see briefly when I found out about my cheating ex – this guy has a metaphysical side – so I’m happy about that. Amish hell is such a sexually repressed place that I’m surprised that anyone ever has any children. But — my son does have a problem with getting in people’s faces — which I do find very annoying. So we’ll see if the doc can help him out. Thankfully we only have 2 months of school left – this has been a very long school year.

Okay – back to work I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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