Hex Reversal Bottle

Hex Reversal Bottle

Do you have some negativity around you and you KNOW who sent it? Well send it back with this handy reversal spell.

1. Get a jar/bottle that has a cork stopper.
2. Place inside the jar/bottle any personal items you have of the bad person who is sending you this horrible energy. This can be hair, nail clipping, thread from clothes, a pen, candy wrapper – etc…
3. Fill the rest of the jar/bottle with pins, nails, needles.
4. Cork the jar/bottle.
5. Throw the jar/bottle into running water that flows away from you.
6. Walk away and do not look back.

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  1. Anonymous

    I’m in need of some info. to help with my healing flow. from early childhood. I also have gypsy backgrounded in me. both sides of family, also Indian. I remembered as a child being brought to a family members house to have a happy-time spell and gain or release more powers into my life. I remeber much pride in some of the family. It was not pleasent and I fought back during it. Something filling my sinuses, I have been the black sheep ever since. Weird cause I’m the only one who obeyed the rules, didn’t get into trouble. Always working my butt off. My siblings have talked of the soul in the mason jar, scared them half to death. Now as grown-ups, my sister changes her story everytime its mentioned. my mom, pretends to be holy and walks away. I’m not insane. I have read enough in books and online to know i’m not crazy. But so much with the gypsy’s is hidden, do you have any information. by the way, all of our family on all sides, read the future…etc… I recieved jesus in my heart 2 years after i happened. Anything gift wise I have, I give HIM glory for. But my sinuses are always remembering, the filling and even the feeling in my eyes. I’m angry, because at that age there wasn’t any choice.

  2. Anonymous

    My grandmother was from Romania. She was a nice old lady (From what I remember) that died when I was young. Anyway, my whole family has had bad luck for as long as I remember. (My wife has also had bad luck throughout her life, and she's a super person that wishes no one any harm.) Could someone have hexed my grandmother or her family before she came to the USA?

  3. Allie

    It's quite possible there was a curse put on her family. When a curse is cast – it is usually geared towards the original person and then all of their descendants.

    Try the Hex Reversal Bottle and also burn frankincense daily for a month. It doesn't have a burn all day – 10 – 15 min a day should be good. It'll help at least your family to remove anything that is attached to you.

    Good luck!
    Allie 🙂

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