Herbs For Love and Attraction!

Herbs For Love and Attraction!

Looking for love? Let these herbs lend a helping hand!

Apple – Give an apple to a lover as a present, cut it in half and eat one half while your loves eats his or hers.

Camphor – If a would-be lover is lavishing too much attention on you and you are not interested – have them smell the camphor. It will instantly turn them off.

Cinnamon – Burn to stimulate and excite the passions of a man.

Dill – Add a half-handful of seeds to your bath water to attract the opposite sex to you.

Gardenia – Wear the flower to attract love, new friends and lovers. Dry and crush its petals, mix with ground orris root and light dust your body to attract the opposite sex.

Jasmine – The flowers attract spiritual love.

Lavender – Burn the flowers to attract the opposite sex.

Lemon Verbena – Wear to make yourself attractive to the opposite sex.

Lovage – Carry the root as a love attractor.

Orange – Add fresh or dried blossoms to a bath to make one attractive to the one you want.

Patchouly – Attracts men and woman – wear alone or with other love herbs in a sachet.

Rose – Burn the petals or scatter them in your bedroom to have a wondrous night.

Vanilla – The whole bean is sometimes carried on ones body to make yourself attractive and ready for an evening of loving. Used by some for sexual get up and go!

Violet – Use with lavender to make a powerful love sachet.

Note: Adding Orris Root to any love herb will aid the attraction by 200%!

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