Healing a Relationship Magic

Healing a Relationship Magic

Healing a relationship is sometimes a necessity. Think back to your family, friends, and loves. Are you on the outs with a loved one? Do you need to smooth over a past disagreement? When there is discourse in the air it weighs down the energy of all the people involved until it is healed, or cut and let go. If this is something you need, then give this easy healing relationship spell a try!

If you live with the relationship that needs to be healed, this will be easy. If not, then it will take a bit of finesse to pull it off.

  • Have the person over for a meal. If need be, then meet in a public place.
  • After the meal is complete and you take the dishes, place his or her dish to the side. After they are gone, or in bed, gather the food that they touched, but did not finish (a note – you are going to want to save something that is not going to stink to high heaven as it decomposes), as well as you’re own. If you are out to eat, this will be a bit more tricky. It doesn’t have to be a lot of food, but it has to have their saliva on it.
  • Grab a terracotta planter (or ceramic – just not plastic if you can avoid it and def not metal). Put some dirt at the bottom.
  • Spread the food out over the dirt – add another small layer of dirt.
  • Plant a flowering plant. It has to be a plant that will produce a flower.
  • Water the plant and put in the sun.
  • As the plant grows, your relationship will heal.
  • When the flower blooms – all should be well.

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