Headaches, Bill And Dream Time!

Headaches, Bill And Dream Time!

Another killer headache today – right in the middle of my forehead. My 3rd eye must be getting overworked:) Or maybe it is simply expanding – who knows? I just wish that the headaches would go away! Busy, busy, busy here at GypsyAdvice.com. If you send me an email – I have a whole inbox full of them with no time table on when I can respond to everyone. So please be patient with me.

I can barely remember having dream visits with Bill last night. I know that I had them as I kept waking up every 40 minutes or so and he was who was on my mind — and stayed there when I went back to sleep. In one dream, I can remember sitting there with Grams and Gramps P- both have been deceased since 2001/2000 – and I handed them my cell phone, asking if they have seen Bill running around here. I had a video of him on the phone (which I really don’t) and had it paused when I showed them. It was a bad picture – so then I remember the one picture that I had on the phone (which I do have) and hurried through to show them. They both said that he was just here – no more than a fortnight ago. And Grams said that if I hurry I will find him and she pointed into a direction.

Last night before I went to bed, I heard Bill tell me to tell Cindy to pay attention to her dreams that night. I emailed her but so far have not heard back to see what’s up.

Bill’s right on the cusp of making a breakthrough where his spirituality is concerned. I can feel it – he’s teetering. The over thinking, logical side of him has run out of excuses to explain the similarities in my blog entries and what he has written in his journal. What he’ll do about it — is any ones guess. But — he did take me seriously (or at least the person who got the email) when I emailed him about Ted, so that is a start. The nice thing about all of this for me is that I’ve stopped trying to figure out the what, when and how. It doesn’t phase me. I’m not ancy over it and I’m not thinking about it. A nice peace has taken over and I know that what is supposed to happen will — but in its own time.

The audio company is still coming along nicely for a Oct launch. It’s been mad really – trying to get it all done. But we are — every bit of it. We have a good support team and that really helps. I do know, for an absolute fact, that I will have to get an assistant. There’s no doubt – none at all. Any idea where I might find one? An online agency maybe? This person could be a virtual assistant – doesn’t have to be sitting right next to me. But they do have to work on a PC and be able to pick up the phone and talk to people. No shy ones a loud:) I’ll have a think on this.

I hope to have time later for a quick session as Bill is being very forward today. Maybe that’s why I have the headache? Hummm……

Will write more later!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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