I running a bit behind schedule today because of a reading I was doing. But Robert is rushing me to jump into this session – so here I go.

I am immediately back in that all white room with Archangel Raphael. I can feel me clench my jaw. He tells me not to stress so much, that Ted has Divine watch over him. Why then — I ask — did you tell me that I have to physically get to him? His voice is so calm, so soothing — because you must. Your energy is vital to his long-term survival. But doesn’t he already have my energy? I can hear what he thinks, I can sense what he does — I know Bill the same way and I’m sure that the two of them are also this connected. Very true he says. But what Ted needs is my love. My physical love and energy. He needs to see my physical presence. I laugh — I’m over the age of 25 and I’ve had a kid — I doubt greatly that he will look twice at me in the physical sense. Especially since he is right in the middle of a mid-life crisis.

The Archangel smiles. Never underestimate the power of eternal love, he says. All he has to do is look into your eyes and that will be that. Can you give me a hint on how I’m supposed to do this? Bill isn’t doing anything about anything. Or so you think – he replies. What’s he doing? Archangel Raphael moves to the window – do you remember your dream last night? If you mean the one with Bill and I talking – bits and parts. What do you remember the most – he asks? Bill is sitting down, indian style. I lower myself so that I can look into his eyes – but I’m not sitting. I ask him if he is scared of me. He looks at me – almost amused – and says no I’m not. I say – you’re just being cautious? He says – yes. I ask – how is the investigation going? His eyes grow wide and he shrugs. Almost done he says. Would you like either my social security or driver’s license numbers? Would that speed things up he asks? I stand up and walk past him to a table, grab a paper and pen. It could I say…and I jot down my SS number and hand it to him.

Archangel Raphael fades from view as he says – there are things going on that are not apparent — have faith. That sent a chill through my body!

I’m now in my meadow with Robert. He tells me that I have to let go, that I cannot control what happens with Bill and Ted. Things will work out. Let the universe do it’s job. I ask him — if you want me to let go, then why do you want me to astral projection, to work on my dreaming, why did you have be repair my necklace and why the grid? He laughs. Stop trying to figure it all out. Do them for the simple act of taking pleasure in the task.

Do you feel the push? Robert asks. I feel lots of pushes and pulls in all sorts of directions – which one are you talking about? The script – your “Black Triangle”. Yes – that would be the strongest right now – to finish the rewrite and then turn it into a book. He nods – you need to get it done. Of course I do – I reply. What about my gypsy magic books? Should have been done – he says. Get them done. When am I not going to feel so alone? You had to have this time — to be alone with no support system, at least one you could physical relate to. You needed this time to concentrate on your own skills to trust yourself. All will be back when the time is right. Will it be soon – I ask. Yes he says.

I’m curious about that past life in Egypt. What can you tell me about it? He looks at me — what fascinates you about that time? Cleopatra and the Goddess Isis. Good – concentrate on them and see what you get. That’s all the help you are going to give me? How many great lover’s did Cleopatra have? Caesar and Antony I replied. That’s right Robert says — two. With that he leaves and I’m done.

You gotta love a guide with a sense of humor.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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