Harnessing the Moon and Earth’s Power

Want to increase your personal, psychic and magical power? Let the moon and earth help you out!

There are two ways the moon and earth can help you increase power:

1. On the night of a FULL MOON, lie naked on the GROUND for as long as you can handle having nakedness on the grass/dirt at night. As you lie on the ground you can feel the earth and the moon working in tandem – you should feel a power surge or at least a tingle or two (this doesn’t count blades of grass that tickle you or a bug that crawls over your leg). Afterwards, go in the house and shower.

2. On the FULL MOON go outside and collect some DIRT – place it in a glass or ceramic container. Place the DIRT in the MOONLIGHT overnight. Until the next full moon – carry the container with you or place it in a place of prominence in your environment (altar, bookcase, fireplace mantel, etc…).

Repeat either as needed. 

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