Want to increase your personal, psychic and magical power? Let the moon and earth help you out!

There are two ways the moon and earth can help you increase power:

1. On the night of a FULL MOON, lie naked on the GROUND for as long as you can handle having nakedness on the grass/dirt at night. As you lie on the ground you can feel the earth and the moon working in tandem – you should feel a power surge or at least a tingle or two (this doesn’t count blades of grass that tickle you or a bug that crawls over your leg). Afterwards, go in the house and shower.

2. On the FULL MOON go outside and collect some DIRT – place it in a glass or ceramic container. Place the DIRT in the MOONLIGHT overnight. Until the next full moon – carry the container with you or place it in a place of prominence in your environment (altar, bookcase, fireplace mantel, etc…).

Repeat either as needed. 

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