Harness Banyan Energy!

Harness Banyan Energy!

The banyan tree is reverenced by the Hindus and those who practice the Hawaiian and Polynesian religions.

To sit beneath the tree or just have the chance to look upon it opens up a portal to good luck, prosperity and abundance.

A couple that gets married under a banyan is said to have a long and happy marriage.

But unless you’re in India or in the Hawaiian Islands, a banyan isn’t too common of a tree to find. So what do you do? Bring the tree to you (figuratively speaking).

Search for a banyan image. Print out the picture. Find a dedicated place on your wall to place the picture (or in a table top frame). In front of the picture place a green candle. Light the candle, close your eyes and imagine yourself under the actual tree. Do this for at least 9 minutes. Leave the candle and picture where they are (unless you let the candle burn out, then discard and get a new one) and light the candle any time you want to harness the tree’s energy.

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