Happy Birthday Bill, Dreams And An Energy Shift!

Happy Birthday Bill, Dreams And An Energy Shift!

Another day of “where to begin”.

I know — HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL. He’s 50 today and just as sensual and as hot as ever. I connected to him to wish him a good day and happy 50th. We had some small talk – how are you, what have you been up to, etc….he then tells me that we’ll cross paths again soon. I’m like – we will? How – when – why? He smiled (God he has a nice smile) and said that he doesn’t know that details- only the overall picture. At that moment Will’s energy came through – kind of like a “you’re not talking to him without me around” type thing. I asked Will if he could excuse us and he said no. Just flat out no. I could feel my energy level really starting to ramp up. I could also fell Ted’s energy attached to us all – but his energy isn’t as strong as the others due to his drug and drinking problems.

So not I have these two really fired up energies – and Ted – connected to me. That’s when Vincent comes in — and that whammed my nervous system. Will and then Vincent were on “this is my territory” mode so their energy was high. Bill has been working extensively on his spirituality and has made significant improvements – so his energy was high. Because I had all of this energy zinging trough me – my body shook – and it was a steady shake for at least 20 minutes. During this same time I was wired and kept pacing around the house.

As I’m typing this out – it’s all starting over again – all 4 are “right there” and my body is doing this all over again. Dang it all……

So Vincent and Will have been center stage all day. I keep trying to connect better to Bill – because I want to keep talking with him – and every time I do Will and Vincent converge. So I gave up – for now. Bill looks really good. His energy colors are balanced, he looks healthy inside and out. He has gotten himself into a really good place and I hope he can keep it there. Being 50 seems rather Zen to him.

It’s now Monday evening – I have been trying all dang day to do this post. I don’t know what’ll kill me 1st – the kid or my pets. DOUBLE SIGH.

Okay – so Vincent and Will have been playing double duty all day. It’s been insane. Will connected because Bill did. Vincent connected because Will did. Bill left because he didn’t need the headache. So now Vincent and Will seem to be seeing who can hang around longer.

I think that this insanity started last night — let me explain. Vincent and I are connected always (like with the other guys) but with him I do not have to manually have a telepathic connection – I don’t have to seek him out – he’s always there. But last night I decide to take up a notch. I asked Andrew how can I get Vincent over his apprehension about contacting me? Lord knows I don’t want another Will when it comes to this. He told me that I have to make sure my light is the brightest. It always has to be on. If I’m feeling down – get rid of it by letting the light in. He’ll be attracted to the light – there’s no doubt about it. So I ask – won’t the other guys be attracted too? He said yes, but none of them will do anything about it – Vincent will.

Okay – so that is what I did starting last night. Made the light brighter (and in turn did not fall asleep until 2:00). Then I manually connected to Vincent. And it was such an odd experience. When I was making the initial connection stronger – it was as if the world was spinning and there was a kaleidoscope of colors flashing through my mind’s eye. Very cool. Then I connected. He was surprised. He kept saying he didn’t know what to do. I told him that if he needs me for anything let me know. For some reason (even though I meant it) I kept saying – I won’t let you fall — I won’t let you fall. It was important, for whatever reason, that he heard that. He reached over and kissed me – kissed me again. Then I say bye and broke the connection. The headache I had in my third eye was astronomical. It hurt just to exist.

Damn it – just had another connection to Will – and the shakes start again. This is just so weird.

So let’s cut to now – the light from last night attracted everyone like I knew it would. And if I am to keep this pace up with the light – I have all 4 of them dancing about, I find it interesting that there is no sign of George. Andrew says he’s in the other soul cluster and that’s why.

Ohhhh…the dream I had last night. Sheesh – how could I forget THIS?

I’m in a restaurant in NYC – again I think it’s that Frank’s (I so have to go there in person just to see this place). I walk in – ask for a table for 1. I’m told it’s going to be a few minutes. I ask where is the restroom and they point me to it. As I’m walking I hear someone say – are you Allie? I turn and it’s an older woman. I say yes. She tells me that she listens to my show, read my book on OBE sex – etc.. and asks if she can have my autograph. I tell her that I don’t have a pen on me. I hear a voice – here’s one. I turn and sitting in a booth is Bill, Ted, Vincent and Will. Bill and Will on one side (Will inside) and Ted & Vincent on the other (Vincent on the inside). Despite the fact I almost had heart failure – I took his pen, signed the book (as I’m signing she’s going on about Bill, Ted, Will and Vincent with what I have written about them – not knowing that they were all right there) and sent her on her way. I stood there for a second – took a deep breath – and turned around to give Bill back the pen. Vincent told me to have a seat. I told Bill to get out so that I could sit between him and Will as I didn’t trust the two of them sitting next to one another. But before I could slide in I knew I was about to wake up. I look at Bill and say – my dream visit with you are either at a party, in a library or a bookstore. No matter what there are people and books. I look at Will – with you it’s a river and a willow tree. If I see a willow – no matter where – I just start looking for you. To Vincent – you it’s beaches, lakes, parks, trains. To Ted – with you it’s parties and castles. I have to go now – but I’m sure I’ll see you all later.

Will chimes in – we know you’re giving a workshop tomorrow night. I look at all 4 — don’t tell me you have tickets? Vincent said – front row – right guys? All 3 are like – yep. I’m like shit — you’re my examples. My examples aren’t actually there – that’s how I can use them as examples. Bill smiles – get used to it.

And I woke up. All I could think was – holy shit they’re hot. LOL.

I found my ex husband’s (as in #1) dog tag today. I didn’t think I had it any longer. My ex #2 made me throw out everything of #1 several years ago. He was still pissed I had held onto it from high school till my mid 20’s. Funny enough as soon as #2 moved out everything that dealt with him was in the trash – everything – pictures,letters, cards, wedding crap, paintings, fountains etc…. Any ways – my son wants to be an Army Commando for Halloween so I went looking for the dog tag and it was real easy to find. It was where I last put it – in my jewelry box. I also discovered I had my pre-engagement ring that he gave me when we were 18 🙂 I was so proud of that ring when he gave it to me:) The one ring was the only thing someone gave me that I didn’t pay for (I paid for my engagements rings and wedding sets – plus any other jewelry). He and – we were such stupid kids. Had we stayed in El Paso after he was discharged from the Army, we probably would have never gotten divorced.

I was amazed on how much anger I had towards him all these years. I don’t have it any longer. I don’t know when I let it go – but I’m glad I did. We could never go back – and if he were to show up again after all this time we’d never be romantic again (Allie does not move backwards) but it would be nice to be friends.

I haven’t had any dizzy spells lately – which is nice. Now I just have some headaches:)

Off to get my shower and then to bed!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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