Happy Birthday Bill + A Series Of Flash Visions!

Happy Birthday Bill + A Series Of Flash Visions!

Peace and quiet — ahhhhh—so nice:) No roofers today (it’s raining) and my son went next door to play! Before I jump into my session I’d like to take a moment to tell Bill, “Happy Birthday!” He’s a whole 48 today and still looks pretty hot — if you ask my opinion:) I hope that he is having a very nice and relaxing day with his family.

Now this session went by fast and there really was no rhyme or reason. It flew in a series of scenes – maybe 10 – 15 sec each.

-It started with Ted and I, on a nice fall day, outside in a park just laughing it up. He was standing in front of me and I hit him on the chest like I was saying – you’ve got to be kidding!

-Switched to Bill looking at a fold out road map and saying that he didn’t know. Ted looked over his shoulder and said – how about we try this.

– Next it’s Christmas time and I think, Bill, Ted and I are in a NYC condo. Decorations all around and a huge tree. I can hear my son shout for mom.

– I’m opening a large door to a castle. On the threshold is my family (mom, dad, step mom, sisters, etc…). They are all in the Great Room, I am in a bedroom telling Ted how I’m going to introduce him to my family.

– Bill and I in an airport – he’s on his cell and I’m checking email.

– I’m in the airport by myself – looking pretty nervous.

– Me and a man are yelling at one another. I’m going on about how close minded he is and how can he live with that.

– My son and I in an RV with the animals – driving in what appears to be Montana.

And that was it. All went by really fast and each scene blended into the next. Very strange if you ask me.

Back to work I go. Have a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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