Happy Anniversary, Telepathic Sex and Apophyllite!

Happy Anniversary, Telepathic Sex and Apophyllite!

Will and I driving with the top down on a white 1957 T-Bird with a red interior. The road is curvy and takes my tummy by surprise. One side of the road hugs the tall cliffs while the other side gives us a great view of the ocean. No idea what coast we are on. The sun is shinning, traffic is light and an immerse feeling of happiness flows trough my veins. That is how I woke up last night after one of my dream visits with Will – such happiness. I went back to sleep and wound up in a Jeep Wrangler (soft top – top down) with Bill at the wheel. Two people were in the back seat – I think one was my son and the other was a younger girl. We turned a corner and I felt the Jeep’s frame shift. Bill and I looked at each other like – oh no. We stopped the Jeep at the end of this road – where what was in front of us was a bridge without a floor. There was nothing to drive on. The bridge’s structure though, was this massive stone and cement thing. It was so massive! I knew that somewhere, a person had to flip a switch so that the floor of the bridge would come out from the side of the mountain we were on — and once that happened we could cross. We were up high – really high – and I could see a fast moving river below. Bill asked me if he should gun it? The floor started to come out from the mountain side. One of the kids yelled – they’re coming. Bill floored it and we were airborne. I woke myself up before I found out if we landed on the bridge or continued down into the river. When I woke up it still felt like my tummy was going down the 1st hill of a roller coaster! Bill and I weren’t frightened in this dream – but there was a sense of urgency.

I’ve gotten that a lot as of late – an urgency to physically meet. This feel comes from all 3 men. But Will has really been pushing it today. Our telepathic connection is really strong right now – has been for the last 48 hours. When I am working or doing something that doesn’t involve those three – Will pushes back into my mind. He keeps telling me not to forget. I assure him like I always do – that I haven’t forgotten. With this telepathic connection – telepathic sex has been intertwined to my day today. As your mind is your largest sex organ, telepathic sex is such a unique way to have an orgasm. Granted – it’s not as volcanic as astral sex or as surreal as dream sex — but it is as equally as pleasing. It’s very easy to be in the midst of telepathic sex and it merges into a day dream as it is difficult if not impossible to see the images of sexual intimacy in your mind’s eye as those same images translate to an ethereal feel all over your body. So if during telepathic sex your nipples are being teased into a harden temple – it is almost a sure given that in your physical body your nipple is going to get hard. You know how with the law of attraction your thoughts & emotions (AKA your mind) creates your reality — well it is the exact same thing with telepathic sex. This is also why that if you climax during telepathic sex, your body is going to respond in the physical sense. Unlike astral or dream sex – telepathic sex your conscious mind is still housed in your physical body — so this sexual act can feel so much more real than astral or dream sex. And besides – all of your bodies (physical, emotional, astral, mental etc..) are all together so it is much easier to recall telepathic sex than astral or dream sex.

And man, Will keeps telepathically kissing my neck. I have to force myself not to think about sex. Because if I do – I can grab onto that telepathic connection and not get a damn thing done today except having telepathic sex:) Of course – it would be a fine way to spend the day if I didn’t have a poop load of work to do:)

But — one more thing about sex — the astral/dream/telepathic sex idea I have for the book and web page are coming along very nice:) I have a name for the book and an outline is almost done:)

Before I go any further — I want to say – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ALLIE’S TWO CENTS! Whoo Hoo! It’s been 2 years now and it’s been such a trip in the last 24 months – hasn’t it? I’ve learned so much and I’m learning more and more every day. I hope that by me bring my experiences to light that I am helping some of you realize that if you too experience what I do that you are not alone and certainly not crazy! If you do not experience any of what have — maybe, just maybe what I write about can help you think outside the box. Thank you for being a part of my life — I appreciate YOU!

Now — back to business — I have a piece of Apophyllite (one of the naturally shaped pyramids) taped to my third eye. I decided to give it a try since I have heard so many wonderful things about this stone spirit that I’ve had in my care for over a year. It is supposed to help with astral travel to consciously remember what has happened with little or no effort – it creates a bond between the physical and spiritual worlds, enhances clairvoyance, energy and dream recall. It feels very strange in the middle of my forehead. I can feel a tingling, but that sense is from deep within my skull. I can’t feel anything on the surface, it’s all inside. Since I have placed it there – I keep getting flash visions of my past life as Cleopatra. I can see myself in the Library at Alexandria writing that dang scroll. I still cannot tell what I am writing – but this time I can sense it has to do with some sort of art. But it’s not art as in painting — it’s more of a sexual art – something like Tantra? I’m not sure this makes sense. It is an act that has only been taught to the elders or royalty of Egypt — it is a form of sexual magic, a form of merging oneself with the higher conscious of the Divine. I can’t type the symbols I see and we know how sucky my drawing is…..

I’m not sure why it is being written down and why is she/I doing this? It’s all very sketchy..but it definitely has to do with sexual magic. I just don’t understand why I keep seeing art. I wonder if it is written anywhere in the history books that Cleopatra would ask her male and female servants to sexual please her when no other royalty or a partner was around? She would school her servants into the art of the sexual magic by having them take part in rituals. I can see jugs of water, flowers, oils….incenses/herbs burning. Jasmine maybe? The ruby sphere is present everywhere. Wow — it’s intense.

Okay – that was enough – I took the Apophyllite off of my third eye.

So – when I was Joan of Arc – sex and clairvoyance — major stuff….as Cleopatra – sex and clairvoyance and magic — major stuff….as Allie – sex and clairvoyance and magic — major stuff. Interesting….very interesting…..

Again – thank you so much for being with me over the last 2 years — here’s to the next 2 years!!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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