You connect to a person via telepathy. The connection is strong. You feel what he/she is feeling – you pass words between you – even engage in telepathic sex. But then you see them that day or the day after, and it is never brought up. The connection that felt so fabulous and gave you an orgasm is not brought up at all.


Right? It’s like – come on…I know that I wasn’t imagining it. So why isn’t he/she more excited to talk about it???

Over the years from personal experience and client feedback I have discovered that either:

  • He/she doesn’t believe in metaphysical “stuff” and figured it was all in his/her head (or that he/she is bat-shit crazy).
  • Had no idea what was actually happening.

I can hear you right now — what do you mean they didn’t know it was happening?? How can you not know when an orgasm happens?


Deep breath boys and girls…let me explain!

Yes – when you telepathically connect with anyone for any reason, it involves the brain. But what happens with the brain isn’t always stored in the conscious mind. For instance when you are walking down the street and you see birds flying or hear a loud car, pass people talking or a dog sitting outside a store waiting for its owner. Your brain processes all of it, but most of it doesn’t stand out in your conscious mind. It all happened around you, but that doesn’t mean you’ll remember it happening.

When you connect with someone mind to mind, energy to energy – you are also connecting soul to soul. Our souls do a lot of reaching out and remembering without our conscious mind having a clue.

The next time you telepathically connect to someone, know that it registered on the soulful level. When you see him or her next (in person or online), pay attention to how they act. Are they more flirty? More standoffish? Ask questions or keep quiet? What happens at the soulful level affects how we act or react mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Now if the person thinks that he/she is crazy and doesn’t believe in metaphysical stuff, trying to tell them that you connected telepathically will be a hard sell. My advice – just don’t try to discuss it with them. Let them, over time, come to the realization on their own.

Has this ever happened to you?? Let me know in the comments below!

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