Handcuffs, Telepathic Sex And Joe!

Handcuffs, Telepathic Sex And Joe!

I met Joe in New Orleans at the bar that used to be a blacksmith’s shop. I used my Telepathic Pick-Up technique and it worked like a charm. We struck up a conversation about what we each did for a living (he’s an Atlanta cop) and he was intrigued by the whole OBE sex part. He wanted me to teach him how – so I gave him the basics over a few Hurricanes and my phone number so we could discuss later what was going to happen that evening. He called me the next morning as I was on route to Maria Shaw’s psychic fair and he was amazed at what he “thought” happened. We chatted a bit – and he agreed to keep trying this until he was convinced it was real (AKA he wanted to keep doing this but didn’t want me to know that I thought he knew it was real in fear that the learning would be over – hello – I’m a psychic!). So cool. And he has been a much willing participant – let me tell you! Our current favorite method of OBE sex is telepathic sex.

Telepathically, Joe must love his handcuffs as in 8/10 encounters – there they are. The telepathic sex experience this morning was no different. I was very lazy in getting out of bed this morning – after all it was my last day of vacation. I was mulling over the previous night dream visits when I could feel Joe’s energy contacting me. He asked me if I was still in bed – I said yes. He then asked if I would join him in some morning fun – he asked this as I could feel his energy kissing my neck. Without actually replying to him, I allowed myself to connect. I found us in a very large bedroom with a four poster bed and a sex swing hanging from the ceiling.

Within seconds of me connecting, Joe was behind me, arms around my waist and trailing his tongue up the side of my neck. I like a man who doesn’t waste any time. I turned around to face him, our tongues met without hesitation or reservation. I whispered – let’s do the chair. He smiled – not yet was his reply. Come on — please? I asked. He shook his head – no. I stomped my foot like a little brat – well why’s it there then if we’re not going to use it? Because I want you to THINK about using it – Joe growled in my ear.

I thought about protesting again, but his mouth engaged mine in a hungry dance -and frankly when I’m getting this great of a kiss, I’m pretty focused. As we kissed, our hands roamed each other’s body. We grabbed at each other’s garments, trying to get skin to skin as fast as humanly possible. Joe pushed me back on the bed – I smiled as his cock stood out to wish me a good morning! I leaned forward to take it into my mouth when he stepped back. I looked up at him as if to say – oh come on – now what? He said – I have to leave in 5 with all I need to do is to put my pants on and I’m out the door. What? Couldn’t you — he interrupted – you were sleeping, I can’t help that.

I grumbled a bit until his mouth took in my right nipple. Then all that mattered was that I wanted him to suck harder. As he leaned me back onto the bed, my right hand gripped the covers as my left hand grabbed the back of his head and egged him on to suck harder. My right nipple was getting the shaft and luckily his left hand knew that – his fingers worked their magic. The whole time this was going on my mind got whirling – why didn’t I actually sleep with this guy in New Orleans? Damnit!

He took my hands and forced them above my head. With a quick click – click, he had the handcuffs on.

Legs spread – inviting – waiting – it only took Joe a split second to position himself and slide on in. He whispered for me to look up and watch – and I did – to see a mirror above us – loved it! He told me to wrap my legs around him – and I did. He was up enough on his arms as he pumped that I could see everything from watching in the mirror – I told him how great it was to watch everything – he said the next time I get to go on top so he can watch – no argument from me!

Joe commented about not being able to hold on any longer and I wasn’t about to argue – as I felt lightheaded with a ball of energy at the base of my spine just waiting for a release. I heard an alarm in the background – Joe mummered something under his breath and with that he came – a few pumps later, I joined him.

After we were done – he gave me a kiss and said that was his alarm to remind him he had to leave. And with that he promised to see me later.

I really need to make a trip to Atlanta and see something other than the airport!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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