HA! I Knew I'd Get It — Bill!

HA! I Knew I'd Get It — Bill!

HA! I got it — I understand what Robert was getting to me in today’s session. I thought about it and over- thunk about it. The whole thing didn’t make sense – there was more and I could feel it. Bill needs his space — there are times when he has to be a hermit. He could disappear for a few hours – a day or even a week. Could I handle that? Can I let him be on his own – will my feelings be altered at all when he wants to be alone. In a nutshell – HELL NO! Cause guess what? I like alone time too. I won’t take off for days at a time, heck I have a young son. But I do like being left alone. How can one write or find their muse if you don’t have some “ME” time? Sheesh — our energies are intertwined kiddo — this means we’re alike in many, many ways.

So Bill — this is COOL, EXPECTED and LIVABLE! Just let me know that you’re not lying in a ditch somewhere. The worrying there – that would piss me off.

HA! I knew I’d get it…..

After I had this “ah-ha moment”, the top of my head tingled. That’s a GOOD thing!

Back to work I go….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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