Gypsy Magic – Write and Cast Your Own!

Gypsy Magic – Write and Cast Your Own!

A reminder that this class starts on the 6th! Learn how to write and cast magic in time for Valentine’s Day!

For many spellcasters, writing and casting your spell can be a confusing process. You’re entering a world that has secret tricks and tips. If everyone knew these tactics, spellcasters would be out of business!. Why waste money and hope on a spellcaster when you can do it yourself? Did you know that magic has more power behind it if the person who the magic is intended for is involved in the process?

Allie has a solution!

A 7-lesson class that will give you an overall understanding of how to write and cast your own magic with as little frustration and as much success as possible.

The lessons of the class are:

Lesson 1: What makes a great spell?
Lesson 2: The key components of start of a spell.
Lesson 3: The key components of end of a spell.
Lesson 4: The all important middle of a spell.
Lesson 5: Tackle a spell to bring something specific to you.
Lesson 6: Tackle a spell to force something away from you.
Lesson 7: Formulate a spell and submit for Allie’s advice.

Class Comments:
“It is a great introduction into understanding that you too can cast your own spells and make changes in your life. Spells are not as mysterious as people think. The lessons are simple but the homework seems simpler than it really is until you put your mind to doing it right. Like any experience in life, you get what you put into it, which is exactly what the spell casting class confirmed.” – Pearl

If you want powerful magic that works not only with you, but FOR you, join us for this class.

DATES: February 6 – February 13, 2007
PRICE: $60 — these class will remain 1/2 price for as long as Allie’s guides say to do so!

For more information and to sign up, please visit:

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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