Can you say AMEN! The DREAM book is finally done and at the printers! Out of the 4 gypsy magic books – this one is the best. I love talking about dreams and astral travel! This is just in time for my divorce hearing next week. Remember, I kept being told in order to go to the next stage in my life, the books had to be done? And — I had to be divorced? Well — there you go. Robert – my guide – is such a happy little clam. Now he’s pushing me to get going on my TV pilot DREAMERS. And I have to say – yes sir – on this one — cause every fiber of my body is telling me to move it. I asked Robert — what about The L Word or Tell Me You Love Me or even The Dead Zone — what about writing for them? He tells me not to get a head of myself. Damn. At least it wasn’t a no way:)

Bill is something else. I swear. Just sitting back, trying to get to the center of me – of my mind – on purpose. He has that need to be “right there”. I don’t mind it though, he’s a creative soul and his muse just melds with mine. I had a really wicked idea for a story that involves Bill, me and other dimensions — maybe add in the co-dependency of Ted. A supernatural, love, erotic story thriller with violence. It just flowed out from me to my notepad as an outline. The more I think about it — the more I think about what a kick ass story this is. One thing at a time Allie — get DREAMERS done 1st. Work on the OBE Sex book next. Of course — the OBE sex book would flow well with the story. I’d call it an erotic thriller – the new story – not the OBE book.

I have to shift my focus…..

Will. He keeps popping in and out to say – hey – if you have a moment I’d like to remind you that I’m still here. I have something on the table and should be out the door next week in order to get a hold of him. Every fiber of my being knows that as soon as he gets it, he’ll act on it. Maybe that’s why I keep putting it off — kind of like the oh crap – what do I do now? But now, it’s not a crap – what do I do? I know what to do — and I can do — that is a very freeing feeling!

I’ve been trying to focus in on Ted the last several days — but Bill won’t let the connection last very long. So today I’m going to blast through (so to speak) and send Ted some energy. He’s really low on the energy — he gets this way if he and I haven’t been connected in a while. He/we could have the on connection always like Bill and I have graduated to – but Ted still has some issues to work through before he can get to that stage. He close – so close — but not close enough. It would help matters if he would just dump the soul-sucking vampire he’s been with the last two years. But he hates to be alone. When I asked Ethan about this – I’m single now – if Ted knows this (and he does) then why doesn’t he dump the negative entity and contact me? Ethan tells me that Ted knows there is no way in hell Bill would sit back and let this happen. And Ted’s love for both you and Bill far outweighs the love he has for himself. That said, he prays that you both will allow him in your lives as a good friend.

I’m amazed on how much my gifts have grown over the last year. You might have noticed that I no longer have to do a session to get messages or see visions/images. I never had to do a session when it pertained to doing a reading for someone. But when it dealt with me and my life – I always had to hit a session of some sort in order to extract information. It’s nice that I don’t have to now. At least there’s something in my life that I don’t have to work so darn hard at any longer.

But that aside – I can feel the pull of a handful of guides – so it’s just easier to go into a session.

As soon as I started, there was Ted, bigger than life. But he was back a bit – stuck in a haze or mist. I could hear Ethan tell me to raise my energy as high as I could get it. I just stood there and stared at Ted — his energy aura around him was weak and what was there was a brownish black. It was heart breaking to see someone in such a stage – especially someone like him who has such a giving heart. Ted laid down on a bed (not his – he’s not at home). With my feet planted firmly on the ground, I imagined a plank of energy going around me – slow at 1st and as it increased speed I increased the distance of it from my body. As the plank moved out – a white energy hugged the middle between us. As that moved out into the ethers – I placed myself in a glass tube, having it close to my body and started it to go around clockwise. Faster and faster it went – still relatively close to my body. On the outside of that tube – I took another glass tube and made it go counter clockwise. When my energy is being raised to this level – my tummy always feels really odd – like I’m heading down that 1st roller coaster hill. When I can feel my astral body wanting to go exploring – I stop the energy raising. I focused my energy to go out through my hands and into Ted. As the energy moved into him – he groaned and tossed and turned, finally resting on his back.

Not sure how I got there – but I was straddling Ted, with my hands on his chest looking down. His eyes flew open and it was as if he could look right at me. His green eyes seemed to grow wide and looked onto mine. He said “Oh God Allie” and I was whisked back out of there – back next to Ethan. I watched as my energy infused Ted — making all of the brownish black drift away. His energy aura grew in size and strength. A blackness left his body from the middle of his back.

He got up and walked over to a pill bottle. He stared at it for a few seconds, opened a drawer and threw them in. I looked at Ethan and he said that they were tranquilizers. Ted walked out of the room.

I turned and there stood, Ethan, Robert, Jezell and Brigit. I asked what did I do to garner so much attention? Robert said that they were there to let me know how proud they are on the progress I have made. Brigit said that the 4 of them will be right next to me, helping me through the next step. It’s time to progress further – Ethan commented. Jezell told me to turn around ,there there was someone new I had to meet.

I turned and was face to face with a man in violet. He had on a long – velvet-like violet robe, open in the front. Underneath he wore an outfit of white with a high, but open collar. His hair is pure white and very short/cropped – almost like a business man’s hair cut. His face was chiseled – high cheek bones and dark blue eyes. He extended his hand and said that his name was Edward. I looked at him and replied – but haven’t we met before? In this life? He smiled and said yes – I’m glad you remembered. He tells me to walk with him.

As we walk I can see Bill right next to us following us. I comment about Bill and Edward said that I’d better get used to it. Bill will always be on the outskirts of my energy just like I him – when we are not physically in the same room. It’s our telepathic connection – it’s an constant “on”. I asked about the man I saw a glimpse of in all red. Edward tells me that he is Abraham and I will meet him next – when the time is ready.

We arrive in my magic room – the one where Merlin always is. And there he was – Merlin. I asked why am I being doubled teamed? Merlin laughed and said that Edward’s the brains and he’s the brawn of this operation. Merlin chuckled – Edward didn’t.

I am told that the time is now for me to expand in to greater magical practice. Edward said that what I do – my purpose in this life – will affect everyone on the planet. Merlin jumped in and said that I must get a hold of Will – there is much to do. Will and I are to start to come here – consciously (as we have been for some time unconsciously) to our magic room and start to prepare. We are to do our magic on the astral level. I asked about the physical level – Merlin said that yes it would work – but the real power is not in the 2 dimensional physical world – but in the multi dimensional world of the planes — which is accessed astrally. Is there anything I
should do 1st? I asked? Get Will to call you – Edward replied. They didn’t care how I do it — but it must be done now. Time is of the essence. Will and I need to be in conscious, physical contact. It’s not a need or a want — it’s a must.

I asked if this has anything to do with bring Atlantis back into the physical dimension. They tell me that in time all will be revealed. Don’t get ahead of myself.

And with that the session was over.

Gee – nothing like adding the pressure on!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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