Gypsy Magic Books

Magic has been a part of my life for a very long time. I can remember when I was little placing a crystal in the soil to help my potatoes grow or when I was a teenager mixing together a love potion so that a boy in my class would like me.

Growing up I was not allowed to know the ways of my Gypsy ancestors. When my family came here from Transylvania, the old world was supposed to stay behind. They wanted to come to America and be as American as they could be. My grandparents lived in PA, my family in OH. It was 1 hr 15 min trip one way. My grandma would whisper formulas and other tid bits to me in secret. I wasn’t to write it down while I was in her house – but I could write it down in the car on the way home. And that is what I did for most of my young adult life.

The below books with formulas and spells are on behalf of my family with a little modern twist thrown in by me!

Each book has:

  • Gypsy Lore
  • 20 essential oil formulas
  • 20 incense formulas
  • 20 sachet formulas
  • 20 easy to do spells

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