So There's A Guy Named Ian

So There's A Guy Named Ian

Yes, Ian. Do I know him? There’s not a straight answer to that – yes and no. I can’t send him a quick txt or email or stop by his house and say – hey! But I know part of his past, his eyes and more importantly – his energy. His energy reminds me of dark chocolate. Smooth, satisfying, comforting and sexy. The kind of energy you can turn to when you’re in trouble or sad – the kind that makes you feel better about the world – about yourself.

The thing about energy is that each soul’s is unique. Yes, we are all part of an energy collective – but the energy bits that make up that collective are each one of a kind. No two soul’s can inhabit the same energy. It can be close, almost identical, but some aspect of it will be different.

That’s how I am able to tune in and distinguish between soul’s when I travel OBE or have someone in my energy field or zone. There is a difference, but you have to pay attention to the subtleties. It’s not always blatantly obvious.

So back to Ian.

His energy was a surprise as I wasn’t looking for it. Hell, I wasn’t even in the same ballpark as it. That’s why it was such a surprise. I had somewhat noticed it over the years, not really paying much attention at all and then — the light bulb moment. After I figured out who the 1st Unknown Man was (Gabriel), I started to frequently dream with another Unknown Man – or should I say, I paid more attention to dreaming about someone unknown. He had been around longer than Gabriel, and was impossible to figure out (as I guess I wasn’t supposed to) until now.

The only past life that I have been able to surface that includes Ian was one of service. We traveled all over the world helping people. I don’t think we were missionaries per say – but we traveled. Spent a lot of time on a ship. He hated ships. Probably because of sea sickness.

Of course writing about the above gave me a glimpse of him being ripped from my arms. Like a tornado came and I could hold onto him – he slipped from my grasp. No body ever found. I spent the rest of that life looking for him. Died without doing so – no closure. Ugh! Not really liking that at all.

Somehow in this life when we meet, it’s the closure for that life. I can’t explain it. Another loose end wrapped up.

Joshua has told me that I have to sit with my healing wand like I used to in order to get more insight on Ian. I need to understand more he said. I guess I’ll add that to my list!

Life is never dull – that’s for sure!

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