Guide Change, New Cycle And Dream Counsel!

Guide Change, New Cycle And Dream Counsel!

Last night I had a dream visit with someone who I’ll call Dan. I was surprised to see him. I know “of him” but don’t actually “know him” in any sense of the word. He’s not part of my soul cluster, circle or family. But I did recognize him immediately. Maybe a past life connection?

I entered into a very dark room. I could tell someone else was there. I said – hello? Then I heard his voice – I thought you’d never get here. Then a light from above (?) shown down and Dan stepped from the shadows. He had on a crisp white long sleeve shirt, red tied, brown dress pants w/suspenders. No jacket. His hands were in his pant pockets. A definite frown on his face. I’m supposed to be here – I ask? You were waiting? He nods. I’ve been waiting for months.

I didn’t know I was being called – or I would have been here sooner. He cracks a small smile — why do you think “Elliot” (I made up the name) has been showing up all over the place? And when you didn’t see him – you were drawn to seek him out (very true I might add)? I didn’t realize it until now — was my response. Well, I’m just glad you’re here – Dan replied.

How did you hear about me? I wondered. We all know about you – he replied. Who’s we? I asked.

He waves his hands around — we — us — everyone — souls. We know that you help people. Word gets out. You’re very well liked and thought of on this side.

Oh, okay. That’s good to know. So what can I help you with?

My wife. I don’t know what to do with my wife. She hasn’t let me touch her in years and I know about her string of affairs. Yet I can’t let her go.

Have you talked to her about it?

He nods yes. But she won’t let me divorce her.

What’s more important — your money or your life?

He thinks about it for a few seconds. My life – he answered.

Then give her your money and move on with your life. That’s the only way you’ll find the happiness you crave.

Now I have no idea what happened next…but somehow we got to this next part….

He was lying down on his side, fully clothed, and I knew he was dreaming. I slide into his arms and he wraps them around me. He mummers about how long it’s been since he has touched anyone. I tell him that he’s dreaming, my name is Alison (not sure why I said Alison when I usually go by Allie) and I’m not his wife.

Then I woke up. So it was like we were in a shared dream visit, then the visit ended and I astral traveled to where he was sleeping.

Ethan just showed up and now Edward. Get used to it – Ethan says. Souls from all over will be asking you for aid – Edward chimes in. Is this a good thing? I had to ask. Yes, Ethan replies, it’s part of your soul path. Be prepared for things to start moving at a very rapid pace – Edward says. It’ll be as if a strong wind sweeps you off your feet — you will not be manhandled, but things will move very fast, and when this cycle is over you will be set down gently.

The hard parts behind you – Edward says – and because of this, our time with you is now over. I felt my heart sink. Ethan kisses me on the top of the head (I can feel a tingle in my crown chakra and some pressure) and says — we’re never far away. But who will be here then? I could feel them just go — with a good bye.

Two show up — Jezell and Brigit:) Behind them Galadriel. I hear Jezell say – welcome to some serious female power. Those three laugh. And I feel and energy surge through my body.

Jezell wants me to follow her — not astral wise – but with my sight. I do and I can see myself and my son on a plane – sitting first class. He’s playing with his iPod and I’m working on my laptop. Get used to this – Jezell says. Embrace who have you become – Brigit chimes in — and let us glide (yes, glide and not guide) you — Galadriel says. I keep hearing the word “healing”.

Jezell says – we’ll be back in a bit. When you’re working on the BLACK TRIANGLE. And they were gone.

So – I headed BACK to my Runes because obviously something has changed since yesterday. Asked now what cycle am I in?

Perth – reversed (initiation) – Present
Gebo (partnership) – Attitude to take to make it through cycle
Sowelu (wholeness) – Consequences derived from the attitude

The old way has come to an end. Time to call in scattered energies and concentrate on myself at the moment. I need to keep my sense of humor during obstacles and rerouting opportunities. Also – keep positive while keeping my faith firm. A partnership is coming to me – love and/or business – and I have to be prepared not to lose myself in it. I have to remember that with this gift, that I have to remain separate and whole – no matter how easy it is to become one with the partner. This partnership will also lead me to the solidification with my higher self and with the Divine. There is no more doubt lingering. This union is where all my other gifts will flow though. With this I will continue to move down my soul’s path. I have to remember to let the right action flow through me and it is brought to me for a reason. Don’t fight it – just flow with it and all will work out as its supposed to.

Boy oh boy:)

I wanted to add – before I forget again — that I got a couple of emails from people who are worried that I have placed Will, Bill, Ted and Matt on some sort of pedestal. Ahhh — there isn’t any worry here. They’re men — enough said:) Besides, we all have faults and limitations — Lord knows I have my share of them:) At the core I am a very simple person who enjoys simple things (although I do like complex people) and I’m sure because of this — my soul cluster is the same way. I wonder if we all sat around a camp fire – who would have the best ghost story? LOL.

Have a good day…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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