Great Astral Sex With Tom!

Great Astral Sex With Tom!

The astral sex last night was PHENOMENAL! And — I don’t even know who the energy was except that his name is Tom and he reads this blog. I kinda feel like an astral whore – LOL – since I haven’t tripped the light fantastic with anyone but my guys in such a long time. But it was worth every once of energy spent!

I was exhausted yesterday. So damn tired that I had to keep lying down after each spell I wrote. I finally crawled into bed around 10:00 pm and started to drift off to sleep. That’s when I heard someone call my name — Allie. I knew that I could fall asleep and whomever it was I would see in my dreams. But I heard my guide Ethan tell me to astral. So after a few attempts of separating from my body, I finally rolled out and was standing next to my bed. I yelled my – clarity now – and everything snapped into focus. I thought about the voice and in the blink of an eye I ended up on a large white fluffy cloud.

In front of me was this huge orb of energy – it was massive and so vibrant. I tried to look down at me and couldn’t – that’s when I realized that I too was a big energy orb. The orb in front of me materialized into a 6’1″, dark hair, dark brown eyes man with a tan and muscle tone to his body. He was completely naked in front of me and he was just perfect in my mind on what great male body would look like, all the way down to his penis. He smiled and said his name was Tom. He asked me if I was going to shift too. So I thought of me – only thinner with the “before having a baby” breasts – and wa-la. That’s the great thing about the astral plane – you can shift into anything that is inherent (past, present or future lives)into your energy field. So since I did look like I was at some point in my current life – I was able to shift to look like that. Which meant – Tom looked like this at some point in time too.

He told me that he felt I needed a release from someone who was not energetically connected in my life. I needed a moment of fun with no strings. I agreed.

His energy burst out from his throat chakra in a brilliant white and met my throat chakra energy. The energy immediately engulfed us both. It felt as if all of my nerves were on top of my body and on fire. All I could see around me was a rainbow of colors – it looked like I was on a psychedelic drug trip from the 1970’s. The build up to energy climax was slow and steady and I let him have control of the whole process. The feelings that were jamming through my body felt like it does when you know you are about to get a surprise and it is behind a curtain that they are opening very slowly. When he felt that neither of us to take this energetic foreplay any longer, our energy went through the roof- like someone set off 4th of July fireworks (I know that’s cliché, but it fits). Next thing I know I slam back into my body and open my eyes.

I was so sexually turned on when I opened my eyes that I just laid there for a few minutes wondering what I was going to do. I mean I knew what I HAD to do in order to go to sleep. But I just wanted to commit what I had just experienced to memory. I finished what Tom started and drifted off to a very peaceful sleep. The first one I’ve had in months…..

Thanks Tom — whoever you are!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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