Good Vs. Evil, Will, Ted And My Son!

Good Vs. Evil, Will, Ted And My Son!

Yesterday there seemed to be a rush on “Alison Ashby”. Not sure why – but many people are arriving to this blog just by sticking that name into their favorite search engine. If you don’t know, Alison Ashby is the name I use on the L Word’s Monday night sex chat – Pillow Talk. I would be the host for that chat and it’s always interesting and never turns out the same twice. My kind of chat!

You know what I just discovered today? That my divorce was filed on Will’s birthday. LOL. For some reason I find that funny — and interesting. I wonder if I wrote that in the blog back on Will’s birthday? Could be. I’m lucky I remember what happened last week.

I did not spend the weekend as I had planned. What was the plan was to rake some leaves, write DREAMERS and work on the book project I’m doing with someone (not the OBE project). What happened instead was I indeed did the leaves on Sunday – raked them until I got blisters on my thumbs (that should have been safe under my gloves) and my arms ached. However, Monday morning it looked just as bad as the two trees that hadn’t let all the way loose yet did so this Monday morning. SIGH. They’re staying there. Plus on Sat. I spent the time cleaning mold off my son’s walls and ceiling. I’m a very observant person and when I saw the amount of mold all over my son’s room – I was beyond shocked. How could I have not seen it sooner? His room stays closed so the cats don’t pee all over his room and for the last 2 weeks, his vaporizer has been going. Put hot moist air with no circulation and you have mold. Duh Allie. So I spent Sat. cleaning his room and burning my lungs with bleach fumes (yes, I did have his windows open and the ceiling fan on) — it was great. But the mold was all gone.

So during the podcast yesterday I mentioned America’s Psychic Challenge – which is a show here in the states on Lifetime. Each week 4 psychics go through a series of tests and collects points on the answers they get right. The top two point winners move to the next round, the bottom two are eliminated. I had a client suggest that I should do this — and I had a few more earlier in the year say the same thing. When I mentioned it on the podcast, and how do I find out about casting – low and behold a client went looking and sent me the scoop. Now all I have to do is fill out the paperwork and put together my 5 min audition tape. One of my sisters said they tape it for me on Turkey Day. I’ll drop it in the mail on Friday and we’ll see. Every time I mention it I get butterflies in the tummy. It’s butterflies and then a warm wave of calm with the electric tingles. It sounds rather ego-ish to say I know I’ll be on — but I do know I’ll be on – lol. I’ll just state for the record that I have a good feeling about this and leave it at that.

I had a dream visit with Ted the other night and he was being so high on himself. It was almost as if he was saying — hey, look at me I’m great! We were at a party (what is it with me and a large group of people in the dream visits with Bill and Ted), and he was outside goofing off. Someone was filming him and he was just so smug. I told him to get off his high horse and get realistic. He said – no, I don’t have to be and I don’t want to be. I replied – so you get rid of the Ms. Negativity and you act like a school boy? He smiled and got into my face — yes, he replied, because I feel free, and I’m worth it. And then he ran off to a group of scantly clad women. I shook my head and thought – mid-life crisis time. Personally, in the physical world, if he is going through that, I want no part of it. I’ll see him once he hits the flip side:) Yeah – what in the hell am I saying — do you think I’d turn down a meet with Ted just because he’s reliving adolescence? Nahhhh:) It’s nice enough that I can walk away when I want to.

No sign of Bill or Matt lately. Not even crumbs. When I try to communicate with either – I get a busy signal (so to speak). So I know that both do not want to be disturbed and I’ll honor that.

I had a very odd dream over the weekend – I woke myself up because I just didn’t want to know more. I’m in a area with rolling hills -the grass is green. There are people everywhere – or so I think. What I am seeing is beyond the veil – I am seeing the spirit world. There are thousands of people moving about. I am walking along with my cell phone – looking at my son’s picture and seeing that I have only 2 bars on my battery. I chew myself out as I know that there is no chance for me to charge my phone before “it” starts. As I’m walking down a hill towards a small town, to my left I see Archangel Michael. Behind him, three people across and I lost count how deep – are young people in purplish robes, all holding candles, the pass me. Heading into what I turn around and see as a swirling black cloud high overhead of the land. I turn and keep walking toward the town – knowing that the battle between good and evil is about to happen. I can feel it – the battle and I am supposed to be in the center of it all. But it is important to me to get to this town. I enter a small pub and see a group of people. One of the people is my ex husband’s uncle. We chat for a bit and I tell him to get the biggest steak — eat like it’s his last meal. He smiled and said – sure! I gave him a fake smile knowing it was to be his last meal and said that I had to find my son.

Everywhere I walk, I can see tons of spirits – but no other human can – that is until I find my son who is with his dad. He wants to come with me – I tell him no., he can’t help. He’s upset as he knows he has the power to help. I tell him that he does, but I remind him that once this is over, there will have to be a leader – someone that people can look up to. He says that he doesn’t want to do it without me. That he can help me now. I tell him that this is something I must do on my own and that his dad has survival skills and will be able to take care of him until he is older. My goal, I tell him, is to come back for him. He gives me a huge and a kiss – he’s crying. We both know that we’ll not see one another again in this life. I actually hug my ex and tell him to take care and take care of our son. I turn around and start walking back – while I can hear my son crying and begging me to stay.

I’m standing with Will in front of this massive dark cloud. For as far as the eye can see, you can see candles lit. Still – no one else can see the people/angels but now Will and I. He looks at me and asks if I’m ready. I say yes. We walk down a football field to the other side and next to the blackness. I wake up.

What was strange about all of that is that Will and I (and I too think my son) could see all of the angels and the deceased walking about and we knew it was going to be a good vs. bad battle – but most of mankind did not. But what happens in the spiritual world will effect life on earth — I saw weather patterns out of control and WW3 — all because of the battle on the spiritual level which was being fueled by the attitudes, thoughts and therefore energy, of the physical level. All way too intense for me.

Amazing on Keen. I have been doing well, having some good people to talk to. And I knew it would happen eventually – someone calling just to give me a bad rating. She didn’t let me get a word in edge wise – hung up – and then said I was making things up. What a bitch. But I guess jealously will do that to you – now won’t it? Make you bitter and just down right mean. Glad to know that what goes around will come around – it’s comforting really:)

Okay — off to work…..

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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