Golden Crocus, Dreams and Progress!

Golden Crocus, Dreams and Progress!

The past couple of days I’ve had my nose to the grindstone. I’m on some deadlines and I’m trying to get my 1st two erotic stories done. Not easy to do when you have an almost 6 year old constantly interrupting you — takes you out of the mood if you know what I mean. As soon as I’m done here it’s back to what I hope is the finishing of story #1.

I made a new flower essence blend at the start of the week. In it I added Golden Crocus and Bougainville – both from Sparking Lotus. Since adding them, I have noticed that my dream time is much more profound and heartfelt with many issues coming to the surface – as a progression. I remember more too which is an added bonus. I went back through my notes/emails to remind me why I ordered the Golden Crocus to begin with and this is what I found from SL:

(a) it is harmonically and tonally linked as a “progression” to the boungainvillea I prepared a few weeks back.

(b) golden chalice/trumpet shapes are nearly always associated with Avalon and/or the Archangel Gabriel.. I’m thinking of the latter for you but I mentioned the former since it applies to a couple others who are reading along. This is in the same highly protective golden-orange color ray as california poppy and Velvetleaf aka wild abutilon. It contains a kind of blending of those other two flower properties by maintaining a golden auric countenance and also good reflexes for the psychic/Divine messgages that are yours, specifically, to hear.

(c). Young children respond really well to this remedy, especially if their life involves rapid changes and expansion. It is great to put in any kind of “new” environmentment even if it’s just something as simple as rearranging the furniture, or moving from one classroom to another, etc.

(d). This particular remedy was co-created with the specific intention of aiding ALL sentient beings in matters related to traditional crocus remedy application – release and dissolution of sorry and grief – the golden color ray enhances the joy-magnet factor. Most crocus remedies just make the extra space by releasing the ick-stuff but I’m now receiving strong guidance to hold ongoing consideration of joy magnetization.

(e) My favorite general crocus application implies to safe, sane and sacred gestational time-outs. So it could also be helpful with some of your larger writing projects that have gone through some evolution in terms of what you plan to actively create.. Not sure if you are tunnelled-into them yet but it could be really nice for keeping inspired and energized.

(g) Dreamtime protection especially is new forms of “work” are being done while asleep. Think of the way a crocus flower refolds itself at night. Imagine sleeping inside of there. Yum, right?

Okay – good jog of my memory. She doesn’t know or maybe hasn’t remembered my interactions with Merlin so to me both Avalon and the Archangel Gabriel resonate with me. It’s no wonder when it was recommended I jumped on it:)

My dreams have had a lot to do with change. I’m always going somewhere in a rush – whether it be by car or plane – I’m on the go and disorganized as hell. This message that the Divine keeps pounding at me is – I feel – that I’m about to be in for a shit load of change. Not a little change – but turn my world upside down change. It’ll come at me with a swiftness and force that my life is going to take a turn-a-bout. Not sure if this change is for the good or bad — but it hits me when I am not prepared for it. I’m thrown into a state of upheaval with a stress level that would choke a horse. So I keep telling myself to be ready – but I’m not positive about what I’m not prepared about — unless — it is the gypsy magic books. I’m part way through the family book with the prosperity book going through the printing process. I did decide the other day that there will only be 4 not 5 books in this series. The healer book will wait and stand on it’s own as it won’t have spells, incense or sachets… in it but flower essence blends, ointments, oils, and brews.

I am basically done now with “The Black Triangle”. It’s at a place that I’m finally at peace with. I want to spruce up some of the dialogue – but not much. Everyone has their own voice and there is plenty of subtext throughout. This could be the other item I am behind with as well as the Kyra books. Not sure what all – but I will keep working away until I longer have those dreams of being disorganized but instead things will go smooth – I will catch my plane or my car that I am driving will not be a Mini Cooper that is trying to be an off-road vehicle!

Before I forget to mention – along side me at night I also have my faden crystal and diaspor which I know is helping me travel the night.

It was really strange casting my last spell the other night. I know I’m doing the right thing by teaching instead of doing — but it still felt odd:)

Speaking of odd – the last several nights I have had flash visions of Ted being very angry at someone. He’s in someone’s office or maybe his own hotel suite, not sure. But I hear him scream : “You’re taking to long dammit — we had a deal!” He then uses his hands to knocks piles of books onto the floor. He runs his fingers through his hair and God – he is just sooooooo frustrated and pissed. His temper has reached a boiling point. Whomever he is yelling at is not answering back – nor can I see who they are. I’m hoping that this would be a present day vision and not a future. If it’s now – that means it’s not me he’s pissed at:) He finishes with grabbing a jacket and barreling from the room – slamming a door behind him.

I did feel a shift on Friday that had to do with Bill. It’s hard to describe but I was sitting there and a wave of calm came over me – and I heard a bell — a ding. And I knew it was him and that he either discovered something new or something that would back up what he felt or thought — a confirmation. All good.

Look at the time – I gotta boogie and finish at least one story tonight.

Have a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!

Allie 😉

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