God Help Me, I'm Worn Out!

God Help Me, I'm Worn Out!

I have been so horny today. It is just insane. And I have Bill to thank for it. He has crawled into my mind and has taken up residence. Earlier today I was working when all of a sudden I felt him kiss me. I could feel his lips and my tongue had a salty taste to it — like sea salt. It was the oddest thing. I have always been able to feel him or Ted, but adding in the sea salt was a whole new twist. That kiss shot my sexual hormones into overdrive. I had to take care of this and right then and there – that’s how powerful this sexual sensation took over my body. As I took the matter into my own hands, it was a super powerful release. But instead of the usual satisfaction of a job well done, I was still on the horny high meter. I couldn’t believe it. So I tried to switch my POV from Bill to Ted. As much as I tried to finish the job focusing on Ted and having that connection, it just made the sexual tension that much worse with no relief in sight. I switched my focus back to Bill and bam — just as powerful as the first time. Exhausted – my body wanted more — something I just didn’t have the energy to do. So I went about my day.

7 hours later I’m just as turned on. It’s unreal. Now granted I haven’t had a physcial satisfying sexual relationship with a partner in many years – but still – this is a craving I have never experienced before. Bill and I have clicked onto the same wavelength since last week. So I feel that our sexual heat that we each feel is a combination of our heat together. This is why it is just plain crazy and nothing that I can ever remember feeling. I could honestly go all night with a fuck machine and it wouldn’t cure this. The only thing that would help Bill and I from this point on is to have physical sex with one another. Did you hear that Bill? I know you read this blog along with Allie’s Two Cents. Come on already. How are we supposed to work like this?

This is just crazy — I have never felt like this ever. I need to eat my Wheaties just so I can satisfy myself.

BTW…if you’re reading this blog and this is your 1st time — I used to write about everything – including sex (although not as detailed I think) in my other blog: http://www.gypsyadvice.com/alliestwocents/index.html

The whole blog hasn’t been tagged or labeled yet — it’s too big and I don’t have the time. But there’s plenty of sex there too.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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  1. Obehealing

    Well, is this state of affairs desirable? Aren’t you being intruded, beyond what is reasonable, by Bill? Isn’t this a case of being taken over? I believe it is…. One should be able to control what one allows to happen to oneself… I have no answers…. I just ask questions…

  2. Allie

    It would be an intrusion if it were someone I didn’t know or if it was someone other than a soul mate. When you’re one soul with someone, you’re one soul – although in different bodies with different personalities. I feel what Bill feels – what Ted feels and visa versa.

    Now had it been Matt, Will or someone else I did know but it wasn’t Bill or Ted – I would have shut them off when I had enough of their energy.

    I don’t have all the answers either:) Just living life:)

    Hope all is well!

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