Getting Laid Sachet

Getting Laid Sachet

There are times when you aren’t looking for a relationship – all you want is sex. Let this sachet help you attract the right partner!

Mix equal parts of Orange Blossoms, Mullein, Patchouly, Ginger and Orris Root. Place the Mixture into an Orange or Red Sachet (or the same colored cloth/string). Add a Carnelian and close the Sachet.

Gently massage the Sachet to activate it. Carry for 3 months (or until the need is no longer there – whichever comes 1st). Bury the herbs and carry the Carnelian for sexual energy.

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  1. Marissa Garcia

    This is just distasteful, and not to mention, fake. You’re a Gypsy Scam Artist and are a complete fraud. Spells and magic is fake, and you know it. You live off of people’s vulnerability, and make money. YOU’RE A DISGRACE!

  2. Allie

    Nobody forced your hand to stop by. No one asked you to buy anything. And no one is asking you to come by again.

    Magic isn’t for everyone – obviously. If you’ve had a bad experience with someone, then do the magic yourself.

    Good luck!
    Allie 🙂

  3. Anthony

    I would agree with Allie. Magic is about belief and energy. If you truly wish something to happen, it will. However, the slightest bit of negativity …. the slightest bit of doubt and *poof* it is all gone. You get to start over at square one.

    Marissa, I hope you can find a bit of positive energy in your life.

    Mind you, this is merely my POV on things.


  4. Allie

    The herbs can be either fresh or dried depending on what you are using them for in the spell.

    Dried herbs can be used for anything in a spell, but fresh herbs are hard to burn – however they work better in sachets.

    CS – Allie 😉

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