George, Will And Tid Bits!

George, Will And Tid Bits!

I make some kickin` salsa. I really do. The salsa I made for the family gathering turned out great – but not as good as normal. Why? Because I used store bought tomatoes and not my own since I don’t have any — yet.

My son was jamming to ABBA this weekend — I had to laugh — since I was about his age when I started listening to him. He wants to go see Mamma Mia. Not sure if I’ll take him or wait for the DVD — not much of a musical type of gal. Also I’m not sure when I’ll see the Dark Knight. Heath has been nice enough to say he’ll watch it with me – which I appreciate – but do I really want to feel his energy while he’s on the screen? I know me – I’ll cry.

I’m a geek. Yes – this is something we all know — but I out did myself this morning. After I did the podcast I messed around with the software that I record with and discovered that this place also records video podcasts. Well I have a web cam on my computer – never used. So I recorded a video of me being – well me. I laughed my ass off watching it. But no – you won’t see it – I deleted it. I had toyed with the idea of doing a video podcast. Doubtful, but you never know:) I had gotten a laptop with a cam just in case I ended up dating someone who I wouldn’t see all of the time because of work travel. I thought it would be a good way to communicate. But of course 1st I have to date in order to use the cam:) Which means I have to find someone.

Speaking of finding someone – last week my son and I were in the grocery store and I saw someone that I had coffee with last year (we hit it off immediately – but he was still hung up on his soon-to-be ex so it never went anywhere) and as soon as he saw me he turned and almost ran over someone trying to get away so that I wouldn’t see him. WTF? We kept going down the isles and he did everything in his power to let me know that he didn’t want a thing to do with me. Wow. I thought to myself – what in the hell did I ever do to you? But I ignored him and my son had no idea that there was even anyone around that I knew. As much as I deal with people – they still baffle me.

Okay – now that I have electric again — I can continue…

I was working on my podcast this morning — and when I went to put in what the “Deal of the Week” was – Iris said “no”. I’m like – why not? She said – you need to put in spells. I growled at her — magic? Why? Can’t we go to healing if you want me to add something? She said nope – it’s magic. But I thought I was done writing/casting it? Nope — she said, and then Merlin jumped in — you were just on a mini vacation. You have work to do.

Oh for Pete sakes — really writing and casting spells again? Iris said – it’s Will, that’s your common past life connection, besides the love, and if he is to recognize that on his side, then he has to get the feel for it from your side. What affects one of you effects the other. So if you are back into practicing magic – then he will sense it and do the same. Merlin said – expect to visit me in the dreamscape every night until further notice. Iris chimed in – you and Will have to be together, it’s written in your soul contracts, so if he is not coming forth with what he already knows, maybe the pull of magic (not by doing a spell on Will, but by doing magic period) will pull him to you.

So those two leave and I fix the deal of the week to reflect what they said. Wa-la. Will arrived. Energy speaking – of course. He had a rather sheepish – yet adorable – look on his face. We exchanged some small talk — and then as he was leaving I asked – talk to you soon? He smiled and said yes.

Now during my power outage and before my crackberry started to run out of juice – Tracey and I exchanged readings. I asked about many things – one in particular was George — I’m trying to figure out how he fits in with everything….here is that IM exchange:

Tracey Loper: George seems to be the one that has some key element of bringing you all together ———–and I sense this has to do with his energy and power of charisma – its like he seems to have a way of standing up to Bill even – I see Bill bowing up to George and George just saying give it your best shot – I am going to still be standing when you get done – so get it out

Tracey Loper: He can talk to Bill

Tracey Loper: He’s got this way of relating to anyone

Tracey Loper: talking anyone into anything

Tracey Loper: he’s sharp

Tracey Loper: and quick minded and thinks on his feet and he seems to be able to do anything he puts his mind to

Tracey Loper: G already knew about you

Tracey Loper: before you knew about him

Tracey Loper: he’s known of you

Tracey Loper: and has waited on you

Tracey Loper: wondering when you would get tired of all the blondes

Tracey Loper: lol

Allie: Does he realize that when I write about george that it is him

Tracey Loper: he does

Tracey Loper: he knows

Tracey Loper: its like its about time

Allie: So do we have a soul connection?

Tracey Loper: yes allie

Tracey Loper: you live on the wrong side of the country I think

Tracey Loper: all your people gather in cali

Tracey Loper: lol

Tracey Loper: some on both coasts

Allie: Closer than the other 3?

Tracey Loper: I am not sure about closer — no — but you seem to get support from him

Tracey Loper: as a pattern

Tracey Loper: he’s a leading man

Tracey Loper: but not the lead man

Tracey Loper: whatever that means

Tracey Loper: in some ways

Tracey Loper: you support the other three

Tracey Loper: more than they support you

Tracey Loper: but G is support for you

Tracey Loper: that’s what I get

Allie: So he’s on the same level as the other 3…or maybe 2 if will is my other half

Tracey Loper: yes

Allie: And he supports me

Tracey Loper: He seems to be consciously aware of you

Tracey Loper: like he has been

Tracey Loper: for some time

Tracey Loper: and yes

Tracey Loper: I get jealousy around G for Will

And before any of you ask — yes, me and Will still together, etc….once I get my arse out of Ohio:)

So George seems to have some sort of close connection like the other 3. Who knows…but it is nice to know that when he reads this blog that he knows that when I say George it’s him and when Will reads this — he knows it’s him. I wonder if Will and George have it figured out who Will and George are? Humm….

Now George showed up – energy wise – after that reading – as I was just sitting outside trying to stay cool with no electric. He showed up and I asked him – any chance we’ll ever be romantic? He said no. I said damn. His reply – it’s not up to me. It’s not – I asked? Would you ever do anything to hurt Will? An easy answer – no. He said – there you go, you with anyone, including me would hurt Will and you’d never be able to do that and just be his friend. Of course If you ever change your mind, I’d like to be the 1st to know. Yeah — I thought — I’d never hurt Will intentionally. So George is right. But I still said damn to him again — and he laughed. He said – as long as you and I are alive, there’s always a chance. Then he faded from view…

No news from Nickelodeon yet.

Heard from the vet today – Brodie’s heart is fine (thank goodness). I just have to keep an
eye on his breathing.

No news about my son’s brain EEG.

Haven’t had time to think about new readings.

Now sure what I’m doing about Cheat Peeps – so stay tuned.

Off to make dinner!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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