What a busy day so far! It’s keeping me on my toes – that’s for sure! I was on the Maria Shaw show on Psychiconair.com this morning from 10:15 – 10:30 am ET if you want to catch when it repeats this evening. We chatted about the number 5, OBE sex, the newsletter and George. It was – as usual – a good time.

Iris is pushing me so hard to finish this draft of DREAMERS. She knows it’s the last one – that it’s the one who will get the show sold. I must admit, as much as I want to get on with my life, I’ll miss Iris and her no-nonsense guiding. Iris is what they call the big guns. She shows up when a major life change is on hand – a life change that once it happens, there is no going back to the way life had been. For those in her charge she only shows up once -maybe twice in a lifetime. But when she does – it going to be a blow-your-socks-off change. She’s moving on to one of my clients. This client already knows that Iris is on her way – she’s showed up plenty of times already, just watching. The client called me yesterday, out of the blue, to chat. She’s worried about Iris. I assured her there’s nothing to worry about. She asked how will she know if she’s hearing Iris? Before I could answer, she launched into “her” idea about going to vet clinics (she is to be an animal healer) and giving away free energy healing for practice – she went on to say a few more ideas. When she paused — I jumped in. So, you want to know how you will hear Iris? What were you just telling me? SILENCE. Then Oh @hit. Yep — Iris had been chatting with her all along:) She how she works?


So I’m waiting on Andrew to then show up and take over my love life. Andrew, from all accounts, was such a loving and giving soul when he was alive. My Great Grandmother (his mom) was a moonshine runner (family had their own speakeasy, gambling and moonshine operation). When she was caught by the police, Andrew took the rap for her and went to jail. That’s what kind of guy he was — my grams loved him so dang much. When he died of pneumonia he was 29 (he was 10 years older than grams) they had been married for 2 years. Anyways – not only was he kind, but he was forthright and could also stand up and be heard. Something – as you know – I need. No passive guides for me – I need people in the trenches:) My mother still has Andrew and grams wedding rings. I think I’ll hunt them out when I’m at her house this weekend.

My son – so far – likes school and is staying out of trouble. Every morning we are going over the rules of what he should not do in school – coupled with him raising his energy walls. Once a week I’m doing the laying on the stones – and he has a few amethysts in his room. I’ll get his energy straightened out eventually.

Now that I’ve had a reading about George – guess who is slowly pushing his way back more into my energy field – yep – Will. It’s kind of like – I know I’m not going to do anything but I don’t want you to forget about me because of George – type of energy. Lord – how can one forget about their other half? But with Will’s energy comes a mentoring energy as well. It’s hard to describe – it’s a love energy, but one where he is a teacher and not a lover. Like this all started out years ago when he first contacted me – he was to be a mentor or teacher of sorts and it appears that his energy has stepped back into that role. I wonder how I can be in the same room and not want to kiss the hell out of him? Well, I may want – but as long as he is in the teacher/mentor role, it’s a line I will not cross. It’s strange with Will – there is no karma to tie up, no lessons to learn – but we have a mutual mission that has to be accomplished together. It is rather refreshing not to have past karma with someone.

George and I have past karma – he making things up with me. If he wants to make things right in this life, I do believe that I will let him do just that. It’s a strong urge from him to make things right – I would say it’s a primal urge. It’s something that his soul is hungry to do – something he must do. And when approached in this lifetime, I will let him do it. When I came to solid grips with that decision, more visions started flying in – and I’m not ignoring them any longer. I’ve had visions of George and our friendship/relationship for years now – and I have just pushed them to the side. They have been around since I discovered Bill and this whole world opened up to me. I’d love to see George and Bill have a talk – it would be very interesting. Both are deeply committed souls – wanting to make the world a better place for mankind, animals and the environment. Both are Democrats and outspoken.

The visions I get with George in them revolve around children. My son, George’s friends children and more. There’s always laughter and good feelings. He’s always doing things for me – I can see me telling him just to stop it. But that’s what he wants to do — keep giving and giving. The whole thing just seems so surreal to me right now.

I can hear someone now saying – what if Will wakes up and comes to his senses about more than a mentor relationship? If he does so before I get involved with someone, then I’m open to it. If it happens after, then he’s too late. At least in this life.

Time to get back to work:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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