Rick – it’s not that I want his energy to go away. Nope – love having it around. But it gets me to thinking – what’s he doing with his day if his energy is so strong around me all the time? Which in turn makes me think about if it’s his soul putting off that energy and his conscious mind really doesn’t know about it.

I think too much – I realize this. But I’m not as bad as I used to be 🙂 Father Varble would sigh when he saw me approach him – he knew I had a bunch of questions. 

I am teaching myself how to love. Yes, you heard me – love. This is not an easy thing for me to do. Although I see the world with some division – I still see that division. I also do not judge most people – but then again I still judge. So I’m on an Allie mission on loving. No judging. No divisions. No harsh words – not at myself and not at another person (or any of my animals and this one I will admit will be difficult when they wake me up at 3:00 am AGAIN). This is important for me to do and I know this. I’m not the most touchy feeling let me hug you person. But that will be changing (within reason of course). 

Also no more worrying or thinking about things that have passed. I usually don’t think about the past – but every now and again I go on a bender. The worry part — all the dog gone time. Thankfully I do not worry about everything — just money. And what’s the one part of my life that’s in a really short supply? Money. So no more worry. I’ve been practicing this since Friday. Money worry pops in – push it aside and bring in a good money thought.

If I take out all the worry I have – there’s a whole lot of room in me for the universe to send me love.

BIG DEEP BREATH….letting it out…

I’m also working on creating balance in my life. I get up early – go for a walk..come back and deal with the animals….meditate. I then go about my day. At night I take my shower – mediate and go to sleep. 

I am a work in progress I tell you 🙂

I need to fit yoga in some place. Maybe at night before my shower? I told myself the cut off for emails and work will be 11:00 pm et. No more looking at my phone at night and returning txt or calls after 11.

I also feng shui my office. I have a book shelf connected to my desk. On it were all of my metaphysical books that I used all the time. I removed them and in their place are writing reference books and sex books. The metaphysical books are now in my other book shelves. Plus I put together a book shelf — 1st put it together project ever. You can tell – lol – but I did it all by myself! 

I added Lord Ganesha to my office (thanks Monica) in many places. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles. I think that my dreams with an elephant in a tutu was actually Ganesha – although I don’t quite get the pink tutu. LOL. 

I’m not exactly sure who is going to be on the Allie Theiss Show this week. Thursday’s guest still hasn’t responded. Miss Betty is feeling under the weather and I haven’t talked to Holly yet. But one way or the other – me and my gabbing will be on this week. 

The job hunting is going well — really slow. It’s not like I’m not living in Amish Hell or something. LOL. But I’m looking. 

Hope everyone in the states is having a safe Memorial Day!

Crystal Sunshine!

Allie 🙂

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