Gamble and Win Money Magic

Gamble and Win Money Magic

Who doesn’t like to take a chance on lady luck? It’s fun every once in a while to drop a little money and take a chance. It’s even better if you win! Next time you gamble, use this spell to increase your chances of winning!

What will you be playing? Lotto? Blackjack? Poker? Slots?

It doesn’t matter if you play more than one type during the day. But you will have to get an object to represent each type of game.

Examples of objects to rep games:

  • Lotto – the actual lotto ticket or one that was previously scratched off (if you play scratch off and not powerball – etc..) or a piece of paper/card with the numbers that you will be playing.
  • BlackJack – playing cards that match up to 21 or make them.
  • Slots – picture of a slot machine & some coins.
  • Poker – playing cards that rep a winning hand or make them.
  • Dice – dice.

and so forth.

You will also need:

  • Bowl
  • Dried herbs: chamomile, powdered sugar, AND devil’s shoestring
  • Stones: Green aventurine OR tiger’s eye
  • Optional: sachet or cloth/thread

The day before you go gambling – imagine yourself winning and:

  1. Put the object/s that represent the type of game into the bowl.
  2. Cover the object/s with chamomile.
  3. Add in one of the stones, pinch of powered sugar, and the devil’s shoestring.
  4. Put in windowsill overnight (so that moon & sun and stream down on it) until you go to gamble the next day.
  5. When you go and gamble – take the stone with you that was in the bowl. OR put all of the contents of the bowl and place them in the sachet/cloth, seal and take it all with you.

Now if you are playing different games on the same day – separate blows/herbs/stones will be needed for each game. If you play something daily (like lotto) you can use the same herbs/stone for 30 days. After that, replace the herbs (use the same stone, bowl, and objects) and keep playing!

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