FYI – Friend of Bill's :)

FYI – Friend of Bill's :)

Just an FYI. Found a good friend of Bill’s at (me: ). Dropped him a note as I know he’ll be at the same place as Bill will be at in Sept. This particular person is also part of our/my soul circle – so I hope he at least responds with a “Hi” back.

He may write back – may see my picture and wonder why I look vaguely familar. After Bill, Ted and Clive – he is next in line for the amount of visions/dreams that he’s been in with either just me – or us.

I need to give him a name when I talk about him. How about Frank? Yeah – that sounds good -Frank:)

One dream I had with him – I was in an old convertable car, light blue. Me and my Grams P (who was deceased at the time) were riding in the back. Up to our left was another convertable car – with Bill at the wheel. I look over at Grams and say that he is the one who will take care of me for the rest of my life. Grams said are you sure? Frank turns around (he was driving) and says – you betcha:)

Anyways – we’ll see if he writes. You never know until you try 🙂

Have a great night!

Crystal Sunshine!

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