Freakish Energy, Dreams, And Getting Ready For What?

Freakish Energy, Dreams, And Getting Ready For What?

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know all about my “guys” – Bill, Ted, Will, Vincent, etc… They have been around since I started writing a blog back in what — 2005? During this time the energy has ebbed and flowed. Any time the energy has surged at me, some big change is on the way. The stronger the surge, the bigger the change.

This surge has been the most potent yet.

More powerful than the Dec 21, 2012 surge. The power reminds me of someone who is picking me up and throwing me in another direction. There’s no gentle glide – no tug, It’s up and WHAM!

Not sure if I’m excited or scared to death. Probably a touch of each.

Each night my dreams are full of the guys – and friends who are not technically one of the “guys” but they must be important just the same. No matter how I try to shift myself out of the dreams and just sleep or to shift the dreams into a scenario that was not so busy – it won’t work. To me, this means, that the dreams are not and cannot be controlled by me at this time. I’m not sure why I can’t change them. It baffles me. I mean, I’m one of the best lucid dreamers I know — and I can’t change the scene nor can I wake myself up. The only thing that will wake me up is a disturbance from outside the dream.

So if I’m not controlling them – it means one of two things – I’m in their dreams (but I should be able to get out of them when I want to) or my dreams and their dreams are being co-mingled by a higher power, which I call the Source.

If a being that far up the food chain is taking an interest in me and the guys – there has to be a really good reason.

The dreams consist of a variety of things. They always have either Will or Bill. Sometimes there is another guy – sometimes not. Each dream we are either trying to find something or trying to stop someone. Many times its both. Even when I nap during the day (not something that is the norm, but lately I have to) the same stuff is going on.

For example the dreaming during my nap. Bill and I were in a large home, reminded me really of a castle. In this castle we were rummaging through a personal library that had two floors and the ladders with wheels on them so we could get to all the books. We were in a hurry as whomever lived there was coming back. As I remember the dream, I can feel the same knot in my stomach now as I had in the dream. What we were looking for was a link to a physical place on Earth that we found mention of in another book. By finding this place – we had the location of a portal. A portal to what – I don’t know. How we activate it – I don’t know. But Bill found a small book with a leather covering. It was very small – and the pages were handwritten – like a journal. That’s when my son entered my room to show me something on his iPod and woke me up. SIGH.

As strange as this sounds, whatever I’m doing I know it is in connection with Atlantis. I’m sure of it. But what we’re getting ready for I have no clue.

But that is an example about what has been going on with me each time I try to sleep for the last several weeks.

I’ve talked to almost a dozen people so far and they too are busy in their dreams. They are busy doing their own tasks – but busy nonetheless.

–>How is your sleep lately? Do you find that you’re more tired than usual? Let me know in the comments below!<–

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  1. tman4lwh

    when I dream I have weird dreams that I don’t understand, it usually involves me searching for something what I am not sure. the other half I can’t remember because I have a lot going on in my waking life.

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