Focus and Discipline!

Focus and Discipline!

Do you have plans and goals – but lack the focus and discipline to see them through? Well you’re not alone! Give this a try:) 

On a PIECE OF PAPER, write down your GOALS/PLANS in the PRESENT TENSE as if you already achieved them.  A good example: My popular radio show brings me all the resources I need as I further my career. Instead of: I want a successful radio show that will make me lots of money.

On the PAPER place some HONEY and sprinkle POWDERED SUGAR over it.

Roll up the paper and TIE it with a ORANGE or YELLOW THREAD/RIBBON. Place it in a place where you will see it daily – but other people don’t necessarily have to see it. Spot I like – bookshelf.

Replace every month as your goals change.

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