Flying High And Naked!

Flying High And Naked!

Sex in the air – who ever heard of such a thing? I mean, besides the Mile High Club:) In my dream visit with Will last night, we were high above the earth, flying around, kissing one another — butt naked. It felt so liberating to be moving about completely naked. It’s like making love in the water – you’re completely weightless. I have no idea what we were flying over, but before I knew what happened we were against the side of a mountain. He was in me with a quickness and every time he tried to thrust, we floated. It’s very difficult to keep the excitement of sex going when both parties are laughing.

I suggested that he plant his feet against the mountain and try – no luck, we still floated. We tried a few other things – still floated. So he suggested we just go right back up and fly and see if we can have sex that way. Back up we went — rolling around, flying, kissing all over one another. I hooked my feet behind his waist and even though we kept rolling when he thrust – the harder he thrust the more we rolled – and I do believe flew faster. In the midst of reaching orgasm, our bodies disappeared and we became one energy body. Our energy body went right through the side of a mountain. We were against a very large quartz crystal when we climaxed. The added intensity of the quartz crystal intensified the orgasms to a point where we woke up — my physical body was still having the orgasm when I woke up.

A definitely WOW factor. Made me wonder what quartz crystals could do in the physical reality – since they are an amp of energy. Would just having them in the room count? Or would we each have to wear one? I’m looking forward to some day experimenting to find out!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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  1. Aunt Jackie

    That sounds like so much fun. Honestly, it sounds even more fun than real-life waking sex! Does it substitute well or you still feel jipped and crave sex in waking life?

    Just curious.

    Wish I could achieve this. Will have to get involved with one of your classes sometime when I have extra $

  2. Allie

    OBE sex IS a lot of fun:) I love it and it’s fine for now. But I’m a Taurus through and through and I crave physcal contact. So I’m looking forward to that:)

    My goal is to have OBE & physcial sex at the same time with the same person/soul. From what I’ve been told, there’s nothing like it!

    CS – Allie 😉

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