Flower Essences and Spells!

Flower Essences and Spells!

Yay! Spells are finished and off into the hands of my testers! “Gypsy Magic for the Lover’s Soul” is almost done! Now all I have to do is to finish some short intro paragraphs for each section and a couple of chapters on Gypsy Lore, How Does Magic Work? and Preparing Your Mind and Environment for Magic! Prepare the suppliers list, suggested reading and index and I’m done! Then it’s off to have it’s front and back cover – illustrations inserted – laid out and then converted to PDF! Then I rock and roll off to book #2: “Gypsy Magic for the Prosperity’s Soul”! WHOO HOO!

I decided to add another book to this group to make it 5 in all – new one is “Gypsy Magic for the Healer’s Soul”.

I was really worried on how I was going to do all this by the end of summer – plus do my readings, spells and sachets! Well – I think I’ve found a solution – flower essence! I’ve used flower essence on and off, along with gem elixirs, for years. But over the last year or so – I’ve forgotten about flower essence (for myself – I still helped clients with it) – that is until my cat – Trouble (he fits the name) decided to go on a spraying spree. Rather than boot him outdoors – I looked around for some sort of solution. After eliminating many avenues, I decided to try him on Bach’s “Rescue Remedy” – made of 5 flower essence for stressed out people and pets. As soon a the 1st day – it worked. It’s been a month now and it still works:) As I was almost out – I looked online for more and decided to get flower essence for myself – to help me focus. This is what I chose:

Blackberry – Helps a person who cannot make a viable connection wit the will. Has many visions and desires but unable to translate into concrete manifestation.

Indian Paintbrush – Helps one stay grounded and energized during creative work.

Indian Pink – Remain centered and focused – especially during too much activity.

Madia – Helps to develop a disciplined focus and concentration.

I take 2 drops of each in water 4x a day right now. I just started this last night and it help immediately. I do believe this is why I stayed up until 12:30 am (WAY past my bed time) and finished!

I’m going to start to experiment with a combination of flower essence and gem elixers. If all works well – then I may offer this to my clients along with my healing services.

This morning I discovered a way to have my Ask Allie column and this blog on people’s mobile device – too darn cool!

Off to clean the house for my son’s birthday party!

Until tomorrow…

Crystals and Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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