Finding True Love and The Universal Light Expo!

Finding True Love and The Universal Light Expo!

The Allie Theiss Show will be going on as planned tonight with Holly Vincent! Tomorrow, Thursday’s show is canceled. The heat is supposed to be back to super stupid tomorrow. My yard looks like the foundation for a jungle. I promised “it” that I would start again with the upkeep when the heat stayed away for longer than overnight 🙂

Back to the show – — Holly and I will be discussing Gypsy Magic, candle magic and crystal sphere/ball gazing. Plus – if you know us – we will talk about anything else that is on our mind – AKA stupid @ss debt ceiling.

I’m no longer involved with The Movement. It has been handed over completely to a young man named Phil. I know he will run with it and do a super job spreading peace and love throughout the world.

The Universal Light Expo web site has been updated! Stop by booth 894 to say hi! I will be doing readings 🙂 I will be giving a workshop on Sunday 11:00–11:50 PM…Richard Nolan Room Unleash your Sexual Energy . Although it is the same topic as last year, it will be a different lecture 🙂 

I’ve been open and willing to start a new relationship for awhile. Only thing is I won’t settle for just anyone. I want someone who compliments me, not tries to run me over or complete me. Over the last 4 years I’ve done a lot of soul searching and discovery about myself and my life.

So I’m going to put my money where my mouth is — so to speak. I went to DailyOm and signed up to “Find True Love in 27 Days”. The instructor teaches me to become a love magnet. Something I can teach others to do – but I have problems doing it myself. I decided to try another approach. I will let you know how it goes 🙂 I could have signed up for “Manifest your Soul Mate” but I think you guys know my view on soul mates – they’re not always a romantic possibility in a lifetime.

I just thought of something – yesterday I wrote on FaceBook that I’m pretty damn positive that something is going to come out of left field within the next month and just shake me to the core – in a good way. I wonder if it has anything to do with the above workshop? Hummmm??

I so not have any memories of dreaming about Unknown Man since that dream a few days ago. I hope he makes another appearance soon.

Better get going and get some more things done before tonight’s show!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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