Finding Mr./Ms. Right!

Finding Mr./Ms. Right!

Are you searching for your next great love affair? Let magic light your way!

Best Time To Cast: Friday

Best Moon Phase: New to Full

Supplies: Paper, Pen w/ red ink, Two Orange Candles, One Yellow Candle, Three Candleholders


Carve into the TWO ORANGE CANDLES: Attraction, Love & into the ONE YELLOW CANDLE: Communication, Love.

Hold the CANDLES in your PROJECTIVE HAND (the hand you write with) and EMPOWER the CANDLES with your intent: ORANGE CANDLES: Attraction & Love, YELLOW CANDLE: Communication & Love.

Place ALL CANDLES into their CANDLEHOLDERS. Place them ALL to the side.

Take your PAPER & PEN. Write on the PAPER what you want in a love partner. Make each point in the PRESENT and POSITIVE. An example: if you want someone who loves animals you would write: I have a partner who is great with animals. Not: I want a partner who isn’t mean to animals. See the difference?

Once you have all the points written down, place the PAPER into the middle of your workspace.

Place the ONE ORANGE CANDLE at each bottom corner of the PAPER and the YELLOW CANDLE at the top middle of the paper. It should look like you have a triangle around the PAPER.

LIGHT the CANDLES and imagine your love coming to you – FEEL the emotions present with having such a love into your life.

Let the CANDLES burn down.

Bury the WAX – place the paper where you can access it daily. Read the points on the PAPER every day until your love comes to you.

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