Do You Feel Like You're Going To Snap?

Do You Feel Like You're Going To Snap?

If you do – you are not alone. In fact, if you don’t you are in the minority. The energy of 2012 is pushing through 2013 forcing people to make the needed changes in your life. If you are not making the changes, the energy is moving into you and hanging around. You have to make the changes in order for the energy to funnel out of your body.

Most people hate change. Myself included. Because of this, we resist with everything we’ve got.

How’s that working for us?

It’s not.

Now there are a few of you who are saying – “I would change but I don’t know what needs changed.” For those of you who tell themselves that, I cry bull shit. You do know what needs change, you just do not want to do it – therefore you refuse to see it.

We all know what needs changed. The signs are always around us. The thoughts that pop into our heads. The dreams we desire to come true. We think about what we want different. These thoughts would not pop in if we were not to act on them.

I know exactly what I need to change in my life. It’s not more schooling, it’s not moving, or expanding upon my business. I have to write. I have to write the OBE book (in addition to the OBE Daily Om I already wrote) and the Atlantis series. But I have resisted the changes I know that needs to be done. Why? Because it takes me out of my comfort zone – which is what it is SUPPOSED to do.

People do not like to venture outside of the familiar.

That is why most people feel like they are in a pressure cooker.

So what can you do to expel the energy that keeps welling up inside of you?

  1. Dissect your thoughts. What keeps popping up? What dreams or desires keep showing up in your face?
  2. Formulate a workable plan to achieve those dreams.
  3. Stay focused on the emotions you feel after these dreams are your reality.
  4. Go for it.

I’ll use me as an example:

  1. Write. I get this message so often that it might as well be my name.
  2. A plan. This is where I run into my problem. What would be ideal is writing every day. But that is not realistic – at least not yet. Monday is a no go because it is paper day hell (papers are due for my master’s program). Tuesday and Thursday are readings day. This gives me Wed, Fri and one weekend day. Three days a week. That is doable. Several hours a day would be ideal. But again – not realistic. I will start with an hour. One hour 3x a week. Three hours a week. That is doable.
  3. I focus on the happiness I will feel after the projects are done. I know I will be proud of myself. I also feel that now – along with the happiness.
  4. I put my plan into action.

Now it’s your turn! In the comments below, tell us what your dreams/desires are and the plan you will use to see it through! Or fill us in on the emotions you feel as the energy pushes into you.

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