Falling Behind, John And The Sex Of Strangers!

Falling Behind, John And The Sex Of Strangers!

Nope – you’re not missing the podcast, I haven’t done it yet. It’s on the “to-do” list for tomorrow. My son had a doctor’s appointment today, and that took time that seemed to snowball – and then my phone just kept ringing. And here you are – 9:20 pm Monday night and no podcast in sight.

Sunday I had something odd happen to me at Applebee’s. My son and I were there enjoying our lunch when all of a sudden I “saw” and “heard” the sexual fantasies and sex lives of the people around me. I’m like – what the hell? I couldn’t shut it off right away either — it just bombarded me from all sides and let me tell you – some of the people that were near me were scary with their clothes on. But to see them naked in the midst of sex — I lost my appetite. I have no idea why this happened or if it will happen again. But it’s really odd when you can see the guy next to you in leather with a woman (not his wife who was sitting right there) in handcuffs begging for more. Wow it was strange!

Sunday night I had a great dream with John in it (for those of you who do not know who John is – he is in my soul circle and John is not his real name). We were holding hands over an open pit fire. We were amused at something — but I commented that we could get in a lot of trouble together. He laughed and said he knows. But we agreed that in this life it isn’t going to happen. I can still smell his cologne – no idea of the name of it. We were dancing around the fire and I was leading. For some reason we found that funny – seems I have never led before with him. He commented that he will always be there at my side – if not physically, the in spirit. He knows me – knows I exists in the same manner as Matt does – but isn’t sure of the particulars. He wants to talk to Will about all of this (Will and John know each other in real life).

Again Sat & Sun night I had dreams about a younger guy — I keep thinking he is the guy I met at the College of Wooster last year (after my talk) and both nights it was sexual — I kept telling him I don’t go for younger guys. And he kept saying that I must be mistaken – lol. I can see his body perfectly – but not his face. And that’s aggravating – as I can’t tell positive or not if it was that guy from COW or not. Grrrr,,,,,,I was happy that he could last for as long as I wanted him too – lol!

I still haven’t been able to shake that bug I got last Tuesday. It’s not that bad — but it is still very annoying.

I kept seeing the number 49 today. So I looked it up and here’s what it means: The angels ask you to get to work on your Divine mission without delay. Now is the time to finish any incomplete projects. Clear the space in your calendar to work on your true priorities.

Now — all weekend I tried to finish DREAMERS and didn’t get it done as my ex didn’t pick up our son like he was supposed to. As much as I love spending time with my son – it’s very difficult to be creative with him underfoot. So now I’m trying to work in time to finish it — but this week I won’t be able to and this weekend I’ll be gone in Columbus at the Universal Light Expo. I’m trying not to push myself too much as with my divorce – went my health insurenace. So I am paying more attention to my body – when it’s tired, it’s tired and I’m not pushing it any more.

Time to go get ready for my sex chat on The L Word!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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