Faith/Energy Healing and My Current Path.

Faith/Energy Healing and My Current Path.

This path that I’m on is wild and unpredictable one minute, steady and safe the next and always morphs into the unknown. Had anyone try to tell me what my life was going to be like when I was a teen or even in my early 20’s I wouldn’t have believed one part of it. All I wanted to do was to become an Archeologist (of course after I realized there is NO MONEY in digging up dead people did I switch to accounting. Now can you imagine me being a CPA? Ugh!).

I discovered that since seeing Bill on the 21st, our lights have merged more closely (if that even makes sense). In our dream visits since that night – instead of just sensing that we had visits, I now know as soon as I wake up. He’s the first thought when I open my eyes and I can feel my conscious trying to dig up the information from the visits from the unconscious. Each day I get fragments – but they have all been the same: him apologizing, us at a resort, many crystals/stones, checking out of the resort, laying our hands on people.

Ted has also shown up a lot in my minds eye as I’ve been awake. Always the same message “I told you — you’ve got the wrong man”. Then every once in a while he chimes in “You wouldn’t have this problem with me”. (SIGH)

I’m certainly not the same person now then when I went to CA. I can’t pinpoint what changed (other than more concentration on me) but more than meets the eye. My hands are hot 24/7 and I know that I’m supposed to do something about this path – this faith/energy healing that I can do. But what? It’s not like I can advertise. The people I’ve told thus far (some members of my family, my husband) all shrug it off like I’m insane (nothing new here) – so they are no help in kicking around ideas. I do have two ideas – one joining the Red Cross and the other contacting a man by the name of Ted Henry from our Cleveland Channel 5 news for an introduction to a priest in Cleveland who is a faith healer. Maybe he can guide me on what to do? The whole idea though of faith healing makes me nervous. Not only because I know I cannot help everyone – but because my life is really going to change. I’m a Taurus. I like order, a schedule, peace and quiet. I know that will all change.

I haven’t figured out what to do with my readings/spells due back on Oct 5th. I still have a lot of work to do. My gut tell same to put off returning for a couple more weeks – but the emails I’ve gotten from people who need my help is overwhelming. I still think I need an assistant. I don’t know….

I did get a really cool new tarot deck in the mail the other day. I thought I was buying a book on Tree Magick, but instead it was a deck of 52 cards w/ a book. It’s a nice deck.

Well, off to take my son to a birthday party!

Until tomorrow….

Crystal Sunshine!

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