Failure In Love Isn't A Failure

Failure In Love Isn't A Failure

Things don’t always turn out like we want, but failure is a part of success. If even you can call something not going as we planned a failure. I’d like to think it’s more of a lesson that hopefully we have learned. When things go right. it’s not a lesson, it’s a reward and a release to move forward.

It’s something to think about when love does not go the way we want it. So many clients that I’ve helped over the years have been despondent over the fact that they had relationships that did not go their way.

If a relationship did not turn out as planned, one of three things happened:

  1. You learned the lessons you were meant to learn as a couple or individually or the karma was released and you two no longer need to be together.
  2. The lesson you were to learn with this person is not sinking in and you need to go find another who allow you to learn the lesson and move on.
  3. You were brought into a person’s life so that they would learn a lesson and they’re just not getting it. Time for you to move on.

So you see, there are no failures in love. There are not any mistakes. There are though relationships we’d love to forget!

The next time you are in a relationship and it ends, do not look at it as a waste of time or a failure – look at it as time well spent and move forward.

Love – it’s a multitude of lessons wrapped up in a big fluffy blanket.

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