Erogenous zones – those yummy little erotic places that can quickly send blood flowing to all the right places. We all know about the normal “hot spots” like the nape of the neck, inner thighs, and breasts. But what about the rest?

Have you explored every inch of your lover’s body? You really should as there are areas worth exploring. These are your lover’s secret erogenous zones.

And let me tell ya – this is one adventure you really want to go on.

Giving your lover detailed attention is a powerful turn-on & will give them the tremendous feeling of being loved & wanted.

Besides, you might be the first to explore erotic places like:

  • Softly blowing in the crook of the arm
  • Kissing behind  the knee
  • Nibbling on  the ear
  • Sucking the toes
  • Licking the navel
  • Trailing your tongue along the spine
  • Kneading or playful smacking of the glorious butt cheeks

The next time you and your lover are unleashing passion between the sheets – slow it down a notch and go on a sexual adventure. Stimulating one another’s secret erogenous zones will pay off with more than just orgasms, it will bring deeper intimacy to the relationship. 

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