Etheric Cords, Elixirs and Angels!

Etheric Cords, Elixirs and Angels!

I am feeling 90% better today! I finally took my health into my own hands – correctly this time – and it appears to be working! Plus a client was kind enough to send me healing light Saturday night and I think that was a good boast! Salt – and lots of it on the canker sores in my throat. Yes – ouch! But it works! I was also able to place a crystal point on one. Yes – hurt again. However, it worked right away!

I’ve made an elixir with green fluorite, rose quartz and mother’s heart – with an extra clear quartz for an energy surge! I took it yesterday and today. I have one more to drink tomorrow. As far as my cough and chest congestion goes – I kept hearing a voice tell me to sleep with my wand. So I do and when I’m cuddled up with it – no coughing – and I’ve been getting release and healing dreams. Meaning that I’m letting go of whatever baggage is keeping me from growing spiritually, while my subconscious absorbs more healing techniques from Atlantis and the angels (sounds like a new age singing group – doesn’t it).

Since I deal with people on a daily basis – mostly in the helping/advising capacity, I have discovered that I can psychically see etheric cords attached to my body. The other ends are attached to the people I help – with the larger cords the people I help on a frequent or daily basis. I had no idea what these things were until I read the “Angel Medicine” book by Doreen Virtue. These cords are literally draining my energy and vitality. No wonder I’m so run down! Now every morning during my 5:00 am walk, I ask Archangel Michael to come in and severe the cords. If he finds a difficult one he cannot cut – I repeat to myself that I want to live in peace and not pain. After the cords are cut – I infuse myself with white light to heal the wounds. What a difference this has made! This also works for healing addictions of all kinds (from procrastination to overeating) – but you must call on Archangel Raphael for his help.

I’m studying more on healing with crystal/stones with color and sound. It’s all so amazing. I want to get myself some colored light bulbs and crystal singing bowls. The bowls cost a mint – so this one may take awhile. Add these three techniques to my energy healing and it all feels so right. I feel so inspired to keep learning more and more. I’m fascinated to know what will unlock once Bill and I get together.

Speaking of Bill – I keep sensing that he has hired someone to find me. I don’t know how he would find me – what information he could give. All the information I have tried to transmit to him besides my name and state has been blocked. Besides this – nothing new on Bill and Ted. It’s usually calm before the storm and I can tell that a boatload of information is about to descend to my conscious. All I have to do is wait.

With all of the spiritual growth and learning more about healing, writing has taken another back seat. I really have to stop that as I want to write. What I need is for someone to organize my day and help me develop a schedule (and stick to it)!

Until tomorrow…

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