Erotica: Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Erotica: Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Erotica – hot damn I love it! And over the last couple of weeks I realized that I want to write it again. The last time I did is when I helped with the erotic audio scripts for Whispers Media back in 2008.

That’s what I decided to do with my life in 2015 – write. Therefore, my podcast episodes & blog posts from all my sites will be sporadic until June (that’s when I reevaluate).

On the plus side – I’m writing about erotic sex & loving every sensual second of it!

Here’s my 1st short erotic story in the Passion Break series: Welcome to the Neighborhood. At $.99 – it’s a blissful steal.


Next up – “When in Rome” from the OBE Ecstasy series. 

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