They had all gotten together to watch movies, or at least that was the pretext. Shay and Jake were at his apartment, getting out snacks and wine glasses when Henry and Kari arrived. Jake and Henry had been roommates once upon a time. Over a couple of beers, they discussed Henry’s new relationship with Kari. She was way more adventurous that Jake had even guessed. Kari was always a bit shy about her sexuality. Although she had no hangups about the things she and Henry had done, she still liked privacy. Henry had had a few too many beers when he admitted they had discussed fantasies. Kari had always fantasized about being with another woman, to see what it was like. Kari was quite able to see women as sexual, and although she largely preferred men, she was curious if perhaps she was more bisexual than not. The talk soon turned to a rather erotic dream Kari had where Kari experimented.

Henry summarized the dream for Jake, stating that Kari had imagined experimenting with Shay while Henry and Jake watched. That at some point, the dream escalated from there. Being intuitive, Kari had the odd feeling it might have been more of a premonition than just a sexy dream. Henry and Jake talked, and Jake was game to see if this could happen. Oddly enough, Shay had had a similar dream. However, Shay although younger, had been with girls before and enjoyed it.

Being that both couples were in beginning relationships, Kari and Henry a bit further along, ground rules were discussed. Kari and Shay were free to play with each other, and go as far as their comfort would take them. Jake and Henry agreed they would only be with/touch/and have sex with their own partners. Each man nervously talked to his lady. Shay agreed to talk to Kari and surprisingly they were willing to have a few glasses of wine and see where it lead.

The guys set up an old science fiction movie, and the girls sat together on the couch. They began to drink wine and talk about their mutual dream. Shay got Kari talking, and Kari was surprisingly open about her relative lack of experience in dating and sex. Kari did however, have a very good imagination. Kari had had more experience than Henry though. Shay talked about her various experiences, and her good high school friend who was her make out buddy. Shay’s family was strict about her dating, as was her friend’s family, both families wanted their girls to take it slow, not necessarily out of religious reasons. So, neither one really was allowed to date. Their way around the rules was to make out with one another. Both figured it was a good way to learn how to kiss, and what they would want boys to do. Soon, the making out escalated and left many happy memories for Shay and her friend, with the parents none the wiser.

Needless to say, both men were more interested in the conversation more than the movie. Kari had questions for Shay, and Shay was willing to answer. Kari soon found herself wanting very much to kiss Shay. Kari leaned in and gently pressed her lips to Shay’s. Shay giggled and told Kari she was surprised that Kari made the first move.

Kari nervously asked if everyone was still on board. Both men quickly agreed, and then said that they should come up with a code word in case anyone changed their mind. Kari and Shay both reiterated to the guys that if at any time, either one wanted it to stop, they should speak up. The relationships were more important than their image. Jake and Henry agreed. The code word “lightsaber” was agreed upon.

Shay then pulled Kari’s face to hers and began to kiss her firmly. Kari gasped. She was enjoying the kiss as much from the perspective of kissing another woman as from Shay’s ability. Kari responded in kind, and was allowing her hands to caress Shay’s shoulders. Both men settled into chairs where they could better see the two women. Realizing intuitively how turned on Henry was only added to Kari’s desire. Kari was really enjoying touching Shay. Her hand drifted to one of Shay’s breasts. Shay had round pert breasts. Kari knew instinctively what to do to cause a very erect nipple.

Before she knew what took over, Shay thrust her chest towards Kari. With a sly grin, Kari bent her head, and gently bit the firm nipple through Shay’s t-shirt. Shay let out a moan and a gasp. Kari may not have had experience, but she certainly had a sense. Shay was watching Jake and realized just how hard he was getting. Kari’s hands were removing Shay’s t-shirt, and making fast work of her bra. Shay felt the cool air hit her already erect nipples, and caused her to shudder. She soon realized Kari was not equally undressed, and pushed Kari back. From the time they met, Shay had wanted to see Kari’s breasts. Kari was a little nervous, and Shay knew she had to get Kari back into the moment. Shay took a page out of Kari’s book and bit a nipple. Sensing that Kari didn’t mind a little more pressure, she did it harder. Kari moaned loudly as Henry let a quiet “damn” slip out.

Shay had Kari out of her blouse and bra. Kari’s breasts were lovely. Full, round, and oh so soft, Shay was soon teasing each nipple to hardness. Kari reached down to fondle Shay’s breasts and lift her back up into a passionate kiss. Kari then whispered into Shay’s ear that they should have the men in their underwear. Shay agreed but suggested stripping to panties to encourage them. Shay slowly removed Kari’s pants, flicking a tongue at her junction. Jake cursed his approval, “fuck”.

Henry was beyond words as Kari had Shay stand. She slowly kissed down Shay’s body and slid her fleece track pants down. At this moment, Shay remembered her lack of underwear, and decided she didn’t care. Kari had Shay in such a position that she could maintain eye contact with Henry. As Kari realized that Shay had no panties or anything else on, she briefly looked up at Shay who nodded her approval. Kari slid down the pants, and found Shay’s pleasure point with her mouth and tongue. Kari took the nub into her mouth and let her lips suckle it a bit. Shay’s moan told Kari she had done it right. Kari then pulled her head back and saw Henry’s stare.

Kari realized that both of them were having the night of their lives. She walked over and pulled off Henry’s polo shirt. Henry was a bit self conscious of his chest hair. However, hearing Shay’s, “nice” made him less so. Kari then went for his belt, and Henry looked at her a bit nervously. At that point he realized Jake was also being stripped. As if not needing words, Kari and Shay walked to one another in between the two men, fully in their view.

“We’re going to play now”, Kari purred with an undiscovered desire and confidence. “Remember, you only get to stick it in the one you came with”, Kari giggled.

They were embracing each other, and Shay was working Kari’s panties off. Kari had full hair below, unlike Shay’s brazilian. Shay was playing with Kari’s hair down below gliding her hand to Kari’s clit and back up. Both men were watching Kari. Especially as Kari was turning pink from head to toe at the attention, as well as wriggling against Shay’s hand. Shay stopped, and both men looked at her. “That’s right, boys, if you try to stick it in the one you didn’t come with, you won’t come for a VERY long time”, Shay concurred. Kari let out a soft whimper and Shay grinned as she pet Kari’s hair. “C’mon, let’s go to the couch where we will be more comfortable”.

With that, Shay and Kari laid on the couch kissing one another. The more turned on Kari was, the more she rubbed against Shay. Kari began to knead Shay’s breast in her hand gently. This caused Shay to start to wriggle and moan. Their kisses became deeper. Kari moved her hand down and explored Shay’s hairless region. Kari was proud to “kick it old school”, but enjoyed how smooth Shay was. She also realized Shay was quite wet. Kari began to slide a finger down to Shay’s opening and up to Shay’s nub slowly and languidly. Shay writhed at Kari’s touch. It was deliberate, slow, and oh so sensual. Kari noticed Jake could not take his eyes off of the two of them. It was empowering to be safe to explore in this way, and live out a fantasy.

When Kari began to kiss down Shay’s body, she shifted Shay so that she was reclined back against the sofa, and Kari was ready to kneel before her on the floor. Shay asked if Kari was sure she wanted to “go first” and Kari anxiously nodded her head. Shay was unable to think as Kari had begun to thrust two fingers in and out in a delicious rhythm. Kari looked over her shoulder at Henry.

Henry nodded his head slowly, he was harder than he had ever been in his life. Seeing his sweet Kari so full of confidence and wanton desire was a gift. Kari then told both men to stand up and drop them. Jake and Henry rose to their feet, but were a little unsure of what the girls wanted next. Shay motioned with her hands to indicated they should remove their underwear. Jake slid his boxers down and Henry his briefs. Shay took in Henry as much as she could with a quick look, and Kari did the same for Jake. At that point, both men were about to sit down when Kari shook her head.

“No, they’ve been watching us all this time, I think we get to take a good long look at them Shay”, Kari exclaimed. Shay was nodding her head in agreement, and said, “Great minds think alike love”. Both women looked first at their own men, then each other’s. Shay and Kari had talked previously, and had agreed that should they go through with this, each man could have his lady while she went down on the other woman, in fact both thought of it as quite the fantasy.

The men sat down slowly once Kari indicated they could. Shay had moaned as Kari had not once stopped fingering her while looking at the men. Shay was getting pretty close to orgasm, and was wondering if Kari would oblige two. At that moment, Kari practiced sending Shay energy right to her clit as she sped up her fingers as they plunged into Shay. This caused Shay to cry out Kari’s name, with a “Fuck, Kari, what did you just do”. Kari looked up at her and grinned. She sped up her hand and Shay began rocking against her as she came. Kari positioned herself so that she could kiss Shay’s opening, and then kissed Shay on the mouth. Shay was about to get up when Kari pushed her back.

“Oh, no, my love, I’ve only had a taste, and I want more. You’ve done this before”. With that both men let out a moan/grunt “oh”, while Shay sighed and allowed Kari to move forward. It is not as though Shay had much choice. She was pretty well unable to think. Shay then motioned for Henry to stand up.

“Uh, Henry yeah, so I think she’s going to go down on me, which means you get to uh, Kari, I cannot think. What magic did you do?”

Henry laughed as he said, “it’s called energy, she directed it at your uh, well”, “Kinda like you can direct energy to heal, you can, well direct it to” his voice trailed off as he realized he was in full line view of Shay’s spread legs.

Kari looked back at Henry and saw his blushing. She knelt down before Shay and nodded her head for Shay to continue. She caught Shay’s eye, and mouthed, “Make it dirty” and winked. Shay had figured for a guy next door sort, Henry had a naughty side, and Kari confirmed it.

“So, Henry, back to what I was saying”, Shay composed herself a bit, and was able to say this slowly, getting Henry’s full attention as she did. “Lucky you, Kari wanted to go first, see, we talked, and we agreed that while Kari eats me even wetter you get to plunge that rock hard one into her until she screams your name into my pussy”.

Henry gulped loudly, but didn’t expect Kari to join in. “Not to worry, Jake. Once I have your girl saying my name, she’ll lick my plundered pussy until I cry HER name, oh, and you get to stick that big ol’cock in her until you both come”. Henry stared at his girlfriend. He was both surprised and loving this very confident, bold side of her. Jake looked at Henry in amazement. Jake knew Shay could play the bad girl, but he had no idea that Kari could play right along with her.

Jake mouthed “high five, man” to Henry and Henry nodded. Wanting to be sure his friend was ok, he looked over again, and Jake nodded his head in the girls direction. “Dude, GO”, he said quietly. Henry nodded his head, but realized Jake still had a sense of humour. Jake cleared his throat and Henry looked back. Jake pointed at Shay, and shook his head no. He then motioned as though he was slitting his throat. Henry nodded his agreement.

He soon realized his member was aching. Henry realized Kari was literally buried in Shay. Shay was writhing under his woman, who apparently was as good at giving a woman head as she was a man. Henry steadied himself behind Kari. He was on his knees, and was still in awe that this was happening. As if sensing his pause, Kari pressed her behind into Henry and wriggled. It was all Henry needed. He spread Kari’s cheeks, and poised his rock hard member at her opening. He realized Shay was looking at him and gave him a nod as if to say, “Give it to her good”.

That was all it took, and Henry plunged fast and deep into Kari. She was so so hot and wet. Kari cried out into Shay as he did that. This seemed to only intensify Kari’s ardor as she sucked and licked Shay’s clit. Kari focused all her attention on the clit, while moving her hand so she could also put a finger in Shay. Between the two Shay was crying out and rocking. She realized that Kari’s finger was matching Henry’s thrusts. It allowed her to know what Kari was experiencing without breaking any mutual promises. Henry seemed to soon catch on as he slowed his thrusts and made them harder and deeper. Kari was shaking from desire at this point. Her mouth moaning on Shay’s nub. Shay could feel the vibration of “yes, please, Henry, now”. Kari redoubled her efforts and soon Shay’s climax was building to the point of no return. Shay came, and as she did, she gently lifted Kari’s face. Shay had a strong need to see Kari’s face as Kari came.

Henry realized how close he and Kari were. He reached in front and began to work Kari’s nub, as he continued thrusting into Kari. Soon Kari was bucking hard against him and crying out. Jake and Shay exchanged surprised smiles at just how uninhibited Kari could be. Kari was moaning out her readiness, when her body reached it’s peak. She pulsed, and as she did, she used her kegels to enhance the feeling of her climax for Henry. “OH fuck, Kari, yes, baby”, Henry exclaimed as he shot into Kari. Jake looked bewildered as the quiet roommate turned into a stud before him. Kari collapsed back into Henry for a moment. Shay stood up and reminded Kari when she was ready, it was Shay’s turn. Kari and Henry exchanged kisses before Henry helped Kari onto the couch. Kari whispered to Henry that she was ready when Henry asked if she needed a moment.

Henry slowly walked back to his chair taking everything in. He closed his eyes while enjoying Kari for most of the time as he was still a bit shy about seeing Shay naked. He looked and saw Kari and Shay kissing. That soon resolved any shyness he had about the events. Shay kissed down Kari’s body. As she flicked her tongue in Kari’s opening, she teased “mmm, you guys taste pretty good together”.

Henry and Kari both let out a laugh. Shay then motioned for Jake to come over. Jake looked over at Henry to make sure he was ok. Henry used the same gestures to indicate that Jake was free to enjoy Shay, but not Kari. Jake grinned and nodded his agreement.

Jake was looking forward to being up close and personal as Kari got eaten out by a woman for the first time. He was respectful of his friendship with Henry, but was also really enjoying the evening’s turn of events. Shay began to really dive in and pleasure Kari. Shay spread her knees apart, making it that much easier for Jake. She looked back at Henry and winked at him as she got a moan out of Kari.

Henry nodded his approval and motioned his hand to indicate, “more, more”. Shay liked how open Henry had become to this evening. Just as Shay returned her attention to Kari’s clit, Jake entered her. Shay moaned against Kari just as had happened to her. Jake knew just how she liked it and he took his time entering her fully. She tried to press against him, but Jake had full grasp of her hips and was not allowing it.

Kari could sense the sexual tension between them and was enjoying it. She softly stroked Shay’s hair as Shay worked her magic. Shay was circling Kari’s nub and working it between her lips. Kari’s hips raised off the couch. “Teach me what you did”, Henry squeaked out, and he saw Shay give a thumbs up. Kari, Henry, and Jake all laughed.

As Shay plunged her tongue in Kari, Jake decided to have some fun. He could sense her rhythm and matched it. Shay paused, and so Jake did. At this moment, Shay realized what Jake was up to. Much like, Henry he had every intention of honoring the agreement, but he found a little wriggle room, just as Henry had.

Soon, Shay and Jake matched rhythms. At this, Kari moaned. Shay looked up at her, and saw Kari’s question on her face. Shay winked and nodded. Kari grinned from ear to ear and winked back. Jake caught this exchange and it only made him want to pleasure Shay more. Jake realized what an amazing woman he had in Shay. When they discussed even the idea of this evening, Shay took it upon herself to broach the dream and playing it out in real life to Kari. Shay got the ball rolling, and Jake got to watch.

Of course, now Jake was plunging into Shay faster, as Shay did the same to Kari. Soon, Kari was writhing and begging Shay to just suck on it, like you did before. Shay complied, and Jake was beside himself. He wondered how Henry held on as long as he did and then realized Henry had his eyes closed. Jake could not be as gentlemanly, and realized Kari was staring at him. He looked in disbelief as Kari mouthed, “harder” to Jake, then “trust me”.

He heard Henry laugh and quietly say, “woman! behave yourself” with a chuckle. Sensing his friend had not changed his mind, nor did he say lightsaber, Jake felt Kari knew what she was saying. As Jake plunged harder into Shay, Shay cried out his name. Shay realized she could not concentrate, and she plunged two fingers into Kari as that is all she was capable of. Seeing Shay so close to orgasm turned Kari on to the point of being close herself. Shay returned the favor to Kari yet again and with a wink, matched Jake’s pace. Soon, both Kari and Shay were coming within moments of one another. Kari watched Shay’s face, and it was lovely to see the flush of her cheeks and the gasp as her body shuddered with release.

Shay told Jake not to stop and do it baby, do it. Kari watched as that flipped a switch in Jake and he went even faster. Shay was moaning and soon she shivered as she felt Jake about to come. Jake softly moaned Shay’s name over and over and then with a “damn girl” he unloaded himself in her. Jake fell back still in Shay. They spooned each other, as he kissed her neck over and over. It was clear Jake was quite appreciative of Shay. Kari quietly moved over to sit in Henry’s lap. She noticed he pulled his briefs back on as she started to put his polo shirt on, but Henry stopped her, pulling her close and putting the shirt in front of her. “Uh, hon, I don’t think it would uh, fit over”, Henry paused.

Shay and Jake turned to look at their friends and Jake laughed at Henry’s unease. Jake leapt up and went to his room and came out holding t-shirts. He strode over to Henry and Kari. He offered Kari a shirt, and threw one at Jake’s head. Shay brought Kari her panties, and told Jake to go get her some boxers, and put his own on.

Each couple was more presentably dressed, and they all agreed on the evening’s enjoyable conclusion. They discussed that it was a one time only thing, but all were quite glad to have done it. Shay and Kari teased the guys about the gals meeting up again sometime but could not keep a straight face. Kari said that this had been a fantasy come true, but she preferred it to remain as splendid as it did. Shay quickly agreed. Jake pointed to the second bedroom where their stuff was, and teased Henry and Kari about not leaving a wet spot. Kari blushed, and Jake had a feeling that it was Kari’s intent to enjoy Henry again. The look in Henry’s eye indicated that he might want the same.

Jake was more than willing to give them privacy as he wanted to show Shay his thanks for arranging this all. He was glad to have seen Kari as he did, but realized he was fine with the line drawn where it was. It was pretty hot after all, to watch the girls. As he watched his friend nuzzle Kari, he was pretty sure Henry felt the same.

Kari looked up at Jake, and mind reader that she was, she nodded her head. She leaned back into Henry with that sweet smile, and waved goodnight. Shay giggled, and took the hint as she took Jake’s hand and lead him back to the bedroom. They closed the door. Kari then got up and lead Henry to the second bedroom, where they enjoyed each other all over again while talking about their favorite moments. Kari thanked Henry for being an amazing enough boyfriend to do this with her. She promised him a juicy short story about this evening, and he said he couldn’t wait to read it.

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