Engagement Spell

Engagement Spell

Want to get engaged? Give this simple spell a try!


  • Brand new deck of playing cards
  • Small plate
  • Rosemary, ginger, and orris root
  • Pink candle
  • Lavender oil
  • Plastic diamond ring (as you would get from a gumball machine)


  1. Find the Ace of Diamonds from the deck and place it on the plate.
  2. Put the plastic ring on top the playing card.
  3. Mix together equal parts of rosemary, ginger, and orris root.
  4. Dress the pink candle with the lavender oil.
  5. Roll the pink candle in the herbal mixture.
  6. Melt the bottom of the candle and place the candle in the center of the ring. If it does not fit, then place it beside the ring. The goal is to have the candle stand on it’s own on the card.
  7. Light the candle. As it burns, imagine yourself engaged.
  8. Once the candle is burned out, bury the melted wax, card, and ring outside or in a potted plants.
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