Energy Healing, Sylvia Browne and Ted!

Energy Healing, Sylvia Browne and Ted!

I decided to sit today with my healing wand and asked my stones – who wants to join me? A piece of Ulexite cried out and I thought it was very timely as this spirit helps clarity and clearness of spirit as well as help to guide one to a resolution to a problem and assist in the interpretation of visions. Quite a handy spirit – wouldn’t you say?

I’m surrounded by a brilliant white light. I enter into what feels like a cloud. The air is misty, watery, but feels cleansing at the same time. I look at there is Brigit. I’m very happy to see her. She says that she was sent from the heavens to assist and that she had a conversation with Cindy? That it was important for her and not Cindy to guide me today – although Cindy knew exactly where Brigit was to take me.

Brigit smiles at me – I can feel tears well in my eyes. She says how sorry she was for last week. I tell her it’s okay – I’m okay – with all of it now. She goes on to tell me that I was there for him – I tell her that I realized that, but that it was still very difficult to be able to reach out and touch him and refrain from doing so.

Off from my right, here comes Ted. A big grin on his face. His kisses me. We have a heated conversation about Bill and him. He keeps going on that I’m after the wrong man. This is why I keep running into the roadblocks. That Cindy and I are too close to the situation and this is why we keep confusing his energy for Bill’s. That he will take good care of me – spoil me. I tell him (in a very stern voice) that it’s not about the money and me being pampered. I turn my back and walk away. I look at Brigit and say – you’re not going to help, are you? She shakes her head — no.

Ted grabs my arm and tells me that he knows it’s not about the money. That Bill is not at the right place in this lifetime to give me what I deserve – but he is. He hugs me tight and tells me to think “fuck off” to the both of them for now. I told him I already did – but here he is. He smiles and says I put the block up for Bill, but not for him. I smile and tell him that this will have to change. Ted says – good. It’s not about him or Bill – but about me. That I need to focus in on me and not worry about the rest. It will all work out.

He hugs me all so tight, kisses me on the forehead and lets go. He tells me that he loves me and backs up — disappears.

I turn to Brigit and ask – now what?

She grabs my hand and we walk through the clouds to emerge at the same path leading up to the stone castle/house from a previous vision. We are walking and I ask where are we? It feels like Europe. She nods her head. I comment – God I hope I didn’t get kicked out of the states! She laughs and says no – I have several house there. I stop and look at her – several houses? How much money do I have? She smiles and says enough. We walk for a bit in silence and I stop again.

You mean “we” have several houses – we each own our own and have keys to the others. She smiles again and says yes, you have several houses. Nothing like a smart butt angel:)

I mention we must be in Germany. She smiles – kind of shakes her head back and forth to indicate that I’m close but no cigar. The UK? Smiles again. Okay – so “we” have a place in the UK. New Zealand – another smile. Thank God I get to be a Kiwi!

Next thing I know we are in the castle/house, downstairs in the offices. I’m in my office. I glance around and head out into an examination room. The place is empty. I see stones around everywhere, a table in the middle, an iPod, a fountain, a wall of dosage bottles, and the ceiling light has different colored disks that one can place over it to change the color of the light in the room.

I walk over the dosage bottles and ask – did I make all of these? She says that I used to – but now other’s are trained in making them. They appear to be combinations of flower essence and stones – the same thing I am currently working on (in experimental phase).

I ask Brigit if I travel and lecture too – or do I stay here? She says I lecture, give workshops. I’m very busy. I ask her – were is my son? If I’m so busy – who is he with? She tells me not to worry about him – he is being very well looked after – he doesn’t want for a thing. I ask if I get to spend enough time with him and she says yes. Wherever I go – he goes and I do not work after 5:00 pm.

I comment that this is all great – but how do I begin? I mean I have my writing, my readings and all that – how do I fit healing in and how do I FIT it in? How do I start? She grabs my hand and we walk right through a wall….

….and come out into my meadow. She tells me to kneel and ask. For some reason I feel funny doing it – but I follow orders and ask.. Jesus appears and tells me not to look at the whole picture – baby steps. I start to panic and say – I’ll have to get an office…he calmly says – baby steps. I ask about the energy/distance healing and he says – yes – that is the correct starting point. I wake up.

After meditation – I added it to my site (well, a spot for it on the navigational menu).

Since I want to send those I’ll do healing for a charged crystal – I adopted a boat load of Herkimer Diamonds. Maybe I will also send flower essence too or possibly make that separate. I don’t know that yet.

I swallowed my fear and contacted via email Ted Henry from Channel 5 news to see if he can put me in touch with the faith healer. I also said – what the heck – and contacted the Montel Williams show to try to talk to Sylvia Browne about healing. It’s starting to get more confusing as I have spirits show up and tell me names or show me people that they want me to visits. I don’t know these people……..sigh. Oh well – I’ll figure it out somehow – I always do. Now that I’ve taken ownership of the healing gift – things will start to improve in that department.

The writing of the magic books is going oh so slow! I’m still on the Prosperity book. Hung up on the spells. So I pushed back when I’ll return to reading to Oct 17th for now – might be Nov at the rate I’m going.

Better get back to work!

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!

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